Jonathan Harvey on British Boy

JJ’s Foreskin Up Close

JJ From Freshboys UK

What better way to start the week is there than with some hot wanking fun with JJ from Freshboys UK!

This 19-year-old blond London lad seems in a hurry to strip out of his clothes and stroke his uncut cock while watching porn. The cameraman gives us tempting closeups of his foreskin which is stretched tight over the head of his cock. The photos really capture the glistening precum and you can almost feel the pulsing veins that run up and down his organ.

Soon our English twink is shooting a juicy cumshot all over his abs, crotch, and pubic hair. He looks pretty spent by the end of his session!

The full photoset with JJ has close to 200 photos. Freshboys UK has several other photosets of him available to members, and even some of JJ’s videos as well!

Straight Builder from Liverpool

EnglishLads Jordan Miller

The latest hot new discovery from EnglishLads is Jordan Miller. This is the first time wanking on camera for this 19-year-old builder from Liverpool!

Jordan is blessed with one of those monster cocks that is quite long even when soft. During the course of his wanking we get to see it get longer and wider, until it stands tall at 8.5 inches… impressive for a guy with a small frame.

Even more impressive are the long closeup shots of his shaved arsehole. Fingering and assplay seems to push him over the edge and soon he is shooting a fountain of cum which nearly lands on his mouth but ends up pooling pools around his neck and chin.

A downloadable preview clip of Jordan’s solo is available on the EnglishLads tour. Just click the red icon next to “Jordan & his massive cock” and you’ll hear his thick Liverpool accent for yourself!

Ryan Has His Way With Leo

Recently on the BlakeMason Members’ Forum there has been a great deal of buzz about squaddie Ryan B. His adoring fans are loudly clamoring for him to come back, so I thought I’d bring you a classic episode featuring Ryan B putting Leo M through his paces.

Submissive twink Leo really seems to bring out the aggressive side of Ryan. Right from the start this is evident in the manner in which he grabs Leo’s hair in the deep-throating scene. Leo keeps taking it all, he seems intent on doing whatever it takes to please this straight stud.

My favorite part of this video would definitely be the rimming scene. Ryan seems to get as much pleasure out of licking Leo’s tasty hole as he does fucking it!

As indiciation of how rough the action gets, at one point Ryan even begins biting Leo’s ass cheeks. Quite hard. Ryan’s explanation? “I gotta leave my mark on him somehow!”

After the tongue-fucking, Ryan gives Leo’s ass a thorough pounding before shooting his spunk all over him. Fans of verbal / gob will want to turn their speakers up during this portion!

I’ve put together a few downloadable video preview clips of Leo and Ryan’s encounter in this gallery page.

Download the full 22 minute video, and 12 other videos with Ryan B here.

Wrapping himself in the flag… literally!

Lex from Freshboys UK

Meet Lex, a patriotic West Midlands twink from FreshBoys UK!

Lex starts the set wearing nothing but an English flag! Fortunately it soon slips off and we are treated to great shots of his skinny body. We get to clearly see the wisps of blond hair on his ass, as well as some fantastic closeup shots of the foreskin of his uncut cock.

Apart from the nearly 200 high resolution images in the
full photoset, Lex has done several other wanking sets on the site as well. I would love to see this sweet twink in a nasty hardcore set with another lad!

FreshBoys UK is a terrific site if you’re looking for real British twink amateurs. Especially those of you who may be weary of the other “Big 3″ gay British porn sites. FreshBoys models are the kind of lads that you see in everyday life and fantazise about it. On FreshBoys they seem relaxed and happy to show it all. At the time of writing, the site has 489 different photosets and 165 videos, so its an extremely good value for paying punters.

Every photoset on the free tour of has a “show free galleries” button which you can click to view several non-nude shots of the model in question. It would probably take you several days to go through the free photos alone!

EnglishLads James Nichols

EnglishLads James Nichols

Another classic from English Lads superstar James Nichols!

I probably receive more requests to see this tanned adonis than any other amateur British porn model. This latest starts with James in painting overalls and not much underneath them at all… save for a sexy pair of Ginch Gonches! Those underwear contain one big and hard treat bursting to get out. James can never contain his uncut meat as the minute the camera is turned on, so is he and his cock just grows all solid.

Those of you who have followed his recent exploits know that this straight stud is getting more and more comfortable with assplay, whether its alone during his wanking sessions, or being fingered by other fit lads on the site. In this video, he can hardly resist lifting up his legs and spreading his ass cheeks wide. Soon a big old strap-on dildo is pushing into his hole! Then the chain reaction begins and he starts shooting cum all over the place: on his face, on the chair, and even on the wall behind him!

You can download James’ entire 28 minute video here.

Alex and Jason

Alex and Jason from BoyFunCollection

Although BoyFun Collection has a vast selection of porn from the USA, and Europe, it also has one of the largest selections of gay british twink porn that i’ve come across.

Take Alex and Jason, for example. They are real couple from London who seem to be into the raunchier side of sex!

In this photoset we see both lads kissing passionately before gorging on each others throbbing boners. Then we are treated to lots of closeups of Jason’s tight hole while Alex lubes up preparing to fuck it. Jason is a bottom that can certainly take a pounding and believe me, this couple likes it rough!

The video version of this raunchy encounter is quite long, and features the Asian hottie practically gagging on Alex’s huge cock.

A gallery with a few short preview clips is available here.

Better still, you can download the entire video, including the hardcore ass-pounding bit at the BoyFunCollection site.

Northern Lad Robbie

Northern Lad Robbie from BlakeMason

Robbie is a 19-year-old bi-sexual lad from Sheffield who works as a stylist. He does quite alot of swimming and exercise, as one can easily see looking over his tall (6’2″) and toned body. This fit lad simply oozes sex appeal, and if he passed us on the street, I’m sure all of us would look back at him and sneak a second peek!

Robbie may have recently appeared on another site, but his best work by far is on Blake Mason. He genuinely looks as though he is having fun in his many hardcore action sets with the likes of Bradley, Jack, and Tristan. Wouldnt it be grand to see him paired with Matt H as well?

In this solo set, Robbie seems more intent on putting on a good show for his viewers, than on simply pleasuring himself. During his wank, we are treated to many closeups of his 8-inch monster cock, especially his tasty-looking foreskin. At the end of this 21 minute video, he certainly looks worn out when he shoots his juicy load of cum!

View a free hardcore video of Robbie and Nathan here.

How a Dirty Boy Gets Clean!

Craig Edwards from English Lads

At the time of this writing, boasts an amazing 262 different amateur models on the site. Craig Edwards is my personal favorite out of all of them.

I love his face, I love his bedroom eyes. He has the most perfect set of hairy legs I’ve seen, and and a totally unshaven arse that I would love to rim for an hour! He has the appearance of a fashion model, yet seems very soft spoken and down-to-earth when you hear him talk in his videos.

In this set we are treated to the sight of two Craigs as he strips out of his clothes in front of a mirror. Craig shows off his untrimmed body and pulls back his foreskin starting the inevitable of blood flowing in and his cock! He hops into the bath and its not long before he swaps his sponge for his cock and is gently wanking away in the warm water! He stands up for a bit and spreads his hairy straight boy ass, all of those wet ringlets are shown in exquisite detail. There are also some tantalizing shots of Craig’s large feet as he scrubs them clean.

Craig then sits down on the edge of the bath and shoots his cum all over his very hairy abs and slips back in the bath to wash it all off.

Download Craig’s three videos totalling 90 minutes here.

If you havent been to English Lads for a while, its worth another look as it underwent a redesign this week.

A Hunk’s Puckering Butthole

One of UK Naked Men‘s most popular models is back. And he’s on the bed, halfway out of his smart clothes and showing us his passive side. Fans of the site are certainly familiar with this straight stud‘s clear blue eyes, the foreskin of his thick cock, and of course his huge low-hanging bollocks. But rarely does he show us his puckering arsehole winking at us so invitingly. And though we could hardly ignore the wonderful frontage, this time, we wanted to have a damn good look at his tight, sweet rosebud hole.

To see Lucas shoot a juicy load of cum, check out his additional free preview photos on the UK Naked Men Site!

Freezing in Dartmoor

Adam from Blake Mason

The lads over at Blake Mason must have been slightly mad to attempt it: filming outdoors in Dartmoor in March when the temperature was barely above 5 degrees centigrade! We are indeed fortunate that members’ favorite model Adam didnt end up freezing any precious body parts off!

The resulting video is quite specactular with a sunlit Adam whipping out his thick uncut cock and wanking openly. This is easily one of the most breathtaking solo videos to appear on Blake Mason, especially for those of us with a fetish for foreskin or camera-drenching cumshot endings!

Adam is a becoming a true superstar of amateur British porn, appearing in 34 videos on alone.

Download the entire 18 minute video of Adam in Dartmoor here!