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Matt Hughes and the Fleshlight

Trying to stuff a foot-long cock into a fleshlight.

Matt Hughes seems to be hanging out at the UK Naked Men studios quite a bit these days. On his last visit, the lads gave him a fleshlight and wanted to see if his foot long cock would even fit inside of it!

The video starts with an interview where a cheeky Matt tells us a bit more about himself while wanking at the same time. We discover a few interesting tidbits about him. For example, did you know that he is into very rough sex and being dominant? You can almost see his big dick visibly growing as he describes his secret fetish.

And then the fun begins! Matt notices the fleshlight and decides to give it a try. It was an extemelmly tight fit around his uncut cock, but that seemed to turn him on even more. After giving the sex toy a pretty intense workout, the sensations were just too much for Matt and his explosive cumshot hits him squarely in the face!

Here’s a brief preview video (presented at far smaller size and lesser quality than the full version on UKNM):

You download all Matt’s photos and view the complete video on the tour. And while you’re there check out the recent update with another familiar Brit lad, hairy Kyle Lucas!

Max, Alexander, and Mark

Hardcore threeway action on

Insatiable bottom boy Max Jones, athletic Alexander Petrov, and tattooed stud Mark Summers are lads that love to film themselves having sex, as you’ll see in this hot threeway from FreshSX!

The groupsex action starts with intense, passionate kissing that leads to our trio using their very willing mouths to service each others throbbing cocks before the kinky lads decide that they each want to taste each others’ arses. After some generous rimming scenes, the action continues with hardcore fucking with each lad shoving his thick tool up the others’ tight holes. Throughout all the action, the camcorder gets passed back and forth to ensure that these boys will have a souvenir of their steamy threeway!

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Neil Rush Loses His Virginity

Straight stud Neil Rush gets fucked by RJ.

Straight boy Neil Rush returns to Blake Mason after his last time around getting a blowjob from Nathan. This is a vivid example of the pleasure/pain straight boys endure when losing their virginity!

Scottish lad RJ gets Neil all horned up by massaging his body, jerking his cock, and using his mouth in all the right places. With Neil’s raging boner up in the air, RJ mounts Neil and the straight boy gets his first taste of gay ass. Hopping off Neil’s mighty cock, RJ flips him over and continues the massage, but instead of using his hands this time, he uses his expert tongue on Neil’s tight virgin hole. RJ then decides to slip his cock in to Neil’s ass and began a gentle fuck. After Neil’s initial shock and pain — which is written all over his face — his cock quickly returns to full mast loving every minute of it! And as RJ gently pumps away at the entrance to his tight tunnel, he wanks Neil’s cock until our supposedly straight lad dumps his load!

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Blue-Eyed Antony at Home

Blue-eyed Antony having a wank on

Antony from FreshBoys is so gorgeous, even Cleopatra would fall in love with those hypnotically beautiful blue eyes of his!

This 20-year-old London lad stands 5’9″, weighs 9.5 stone, and is blessed with a 7.5″ inch long dick. Unlike many of the other twinks on FreshBoys, Antony is cirucumcized. This photoset has lots of closeups of that hard pole which he wanks until it shoots cum!

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