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Up Close and Personal with Josh

Josh is a pale blond and gorgeous twink from BoyFun Collection.

Ever since seeing my first video with Josh a few weeks ago, I was hoping one of the British porn sites would do a spread focusing only on him. Well, my wish has been answered! Surprisingly, it is BoyFun Collection that brings us our first up close and personal look at this gorgeous English twink!

Stripping out of a suit-and-tie, Josh reveals his slender body and his sweet smile. This well horny blond lad has difficulty hiding his big boner in his underwear! Soon its out and we get our first closeups of this rock hard cock. Its unusually curvy and the glans of his penis is whiter than the shaft. Josh’s tight foreskin is never fully retracted, not even when he finally shoots his load cum all over himself!

Perhaps the most surprising thing about this photoset is that it was Boy Fun which was the first to do a solo with Josh, and not any of the traditional British sites. Well, kudos to them! I’m delighted to see any site which brings us so much fresh new British twink porn.

Every single day Boy Fun Collection adds 4 different sets with 4 different models (usually 2 videos and 2 photosets), featuring lads from the USA and the continent as well as the UK. This is more updates in a single day than most sites have in a whole week! Lets hope that they do many more updates with Josh in future.

You can download all 276 of Josh’s photos on

Drew Brody is One of the Biggest

Drew Brody has one of the biggest cocks in British gay porn.

Badpuppy’s Drew Brody will be familiar to fans of gay UK porn, not only for his sexy face but mostly for his huge uncut cock that has been spotted sliding in and out of many tight British twink holes!

Certainly Drew has one of the most massive tools in gay porn, if not the biggest. It would be instructive to see a side-by-side comparison with Matt Hughes. I think Drew’s is definitely thicker and fatter — as you can see in the photos he is able to wrap two fists around it while he strokes it!

Here are some personal details you might not know about Drew:

  • Age: 22 years old
  • Location: Coventry
  • Hobby: Pets
  • Job: Nightclub Bouncer
  • Sport: Basketball
  • Food: Chocolate
  • Music: 50 Cent

Drew’s 24-minute video shows him wanking until he splashes a torrent of hot cum onto his chest. His video is just one of a growing number of gay UK porn videos on Bad Puppy which is the the only true gay megasite.

Download Drew’s full wanking video exclusively on

Scott Stone Rises to the Top

Hunky builder Scott Stone is the current top-rated model on English Lads.

Bad news for fans of Danny Russell, James Nichols, and Alex Parry: there’s a new lad in town who has already surpassed all of them and risen to the top of the English Lads members’ favorite lads list! He is Scott Stone, a tall 22-year-old straight builder whose photos I’ve been drooling over since the moment I laid eyes on him!

Let me start by saying that these preview photos absolutely do not do Scott any justice. Missing here completely are any shots of his incredibly fat uncut cock — several inches thick for sure — which is crowned with a bulbous purple head and a huge pulsing vein running along the shaft. Also missing in these sample shots are any glimpses of Scott’s totally unshaved arse crack, its hair wet and gleaming in the autumn sunlight.

The full photoset contains 532 photos and shows our straight lad wanking in the EnglishLads’ hot tub, then using a fucking a fleshjack with his huge cock, and finally shooting his sperm into a plastic cup. And yes, we are treated to some incredible closeups of the still-warm cum in the cup!

I am expecting that Scott’s video will be posted this week, so be sure to check the updates page for a preview clip.

Kelvin on FreshBoys UK

Kelvin tempts us with his inviting arsehole.

Here’s a fresh-faced British gay teen for you to lust after: Kelvin, a skinny blond from Yorkshire. Although a newcomer to gay porn, Kelvin agreed to let the lads from Fresh Boys film one of his normally private wanking sessions!

Kelvin is 20 years old, stands 6 feet tall, and — as is apparent from these photos — he weighs only 10 stone. We get to watch this horny lad stripping at home, showing of his 7-inch uncut cock, wanking it in different postitions. There are many superb views of this teen’s suprisingly raunchy arsehole which he unashamedly spreads wide, inviting us to probe it with our tongues and our cocks…

Freshboys UK is a site which continues to impress with its list of amateur English twinks and teen boys. Just last week there was a hot set posted with a very fit looking Liam Tatum which is worth checking out. Free photos of every model are provided on the tour.

View more preview galleries of Kelvin and his mates on Freshboys.

A Scally Sniffing His Trainers

Leigh is a scally lad with a fetish for smelly trainers.

UK Scally Lads is one of the few gay sites which caters expertly to those of us with a fetish for sniffing trainers and socks. This recent update shows Leigh, a rudeboi who clearly shares our same fetish!

As soon as Leigh pulls down his Nike trackie bottoms, we notice a thick uncut cock bursting to get out of his underwear. Once he whips it out, he goes directly for the object of his affection: those Nike trainers which were still quite sweaty and smelly from his gym workout earlier in the day. He playfully rubbed his cock up and down the inside of his trainers and some pre-cum even ended up inside of them.

A few minutes of indulging in his fetish really seems to put our scally boy over the edge, and he spurts hot sperm all over his stomach and chest. I have to admit, watching Leigh turned me on so much that i couldnt resist the urge and found myself smelling my own trainers while wanking to the video!

Another update rom a few weeks ago involved his mate Alec not only sniffing and licking a pair of Reebok Classic trainers, but going further and fucking those sneakers with his big powertool!

Download Leigh’s 17-minute sneaker worship video and 300-picture photoset exclusively on

Controversial New British Site

Unwitting straight boy captured by Josh and AJ.

This week saw the birth of a controversial new gay British porn site: BoyNapped. A warning: this site is not for the faint-of-heart!

The premise of each episode is a couple of horny lads cruising in their car looking for unwitting hitch-hikers. When they find one they fancy, they pick him up and waste no time introducing the straight boy to expert cocksucking — in a moving car no less! Finally they take him back to their flat for hardcore sex, which often includes bondage and rough play. When they are finished with the straight boy the devious lads leave him tied-up or abandon him at roadside!

Of course none of it is real — these are all consenting adults — but the combination of the you-are-there shaky camera filming style and the sexy models can lead to hot results!

Here’s a trailer of this week’s episode starring Josh , AJ, and Karl:

Despite the unfortunate choice of site title, which will undoubtedly turn some people off, the groupsex hardcore action is pretty intense and Boy-Napped does showcase some amazing new UK talent. Josh H is a perfect example: young, blond, and endowed with an enormous curvy cock that rivals “horse-hung Matt”. I predict a bright future for Josh H in gay British porn!

Check out the tour for more free trailers, a brand new episode is released every week, each with a different cast.