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James Nichols Golden Showers

James Nichols and Kev Adamson pissing fetish

Here’s some good news for those of you who have fantasied about seeing James Nichols pissing on another guy: in the last movie he did for English Lads you will get to see your dreams fulfilled!

This 33-minute video is James’ first for the site since last April, and for his return he chose to partner up with his mate Kev Adamson. At first the straight stud seems nervous but gradually relaxes as Kev worships his entire body — even taking time to lick his huge feet! The lads exchange handjobs and then Kev fucks James’ hole with a fat dildo while simultaneously wanking that huge uncut cock.

But the scene that has everyone talking is in the last three minutes while the lads are cleaning up in the shower.

Kev suddenly feels the urge to piss and he does it right there in the shower, much to the horror of James! James does his best to get out of way but Kev still manages to splash him with his strong stream of yellow pee. Not at all happy about this, James decides to take a piss on Kev. Kev pretends to be shocked at first but soon we see him grabbing hold of James’ pissing cock and angling it upwards so that he can feel the warmth of the golden shower on his cock and balls! Sometimes revenge is a dish best served hot!

What a beautiful sight it is to see boys as fit as this pissing… I wish there were a site PissLads along with EnglishLads!

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Initiating a Rookie Rugby Player

British footballers initiating a rookie

Judging by the embroidery on Matt Hughes jersey, it looks the Rugby Football League has added a new team: UKNM!

This feature video from those creative lads at UK Naked Men involves a rugby club intiation. After a big match, Matt (still in dirty rugby kit!) and Tyson decide to initiate rookie Stefan Colby who has just scored the winning goal. According to club rules, any rookie “man of the match” has to go through the intiation ritual. Stefan sits on the locker bench, eyes closed, hands outstretched. Matt and Tyson then suprise him by drop their throbbing boners into his unsuspecting hands!

Both Matt and Tyson have beautiful veiny uncut members, and Stefan services them expertly until the jocks reward him by showering him from cock to forehead with continuous streams of their fresh cum. Talk about team bonding!

Here’s a brief preview:

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