Jonathan Harvey on British Boy

Luckas Layton and His Tight Foreskin

Blond British twink Luckas Layton

Luckas Layton seems to be popping up everywhere these days, but so far I haven’t been able to find a set that focuses solely on him. That’s why I got an instant boner when I came across this latest update from BoyFun Collection which features Luckas wanking his uncut cock to gay porn!

The photoset and video start with this amateur blond twink stripping out of his sexy underwear. He seems transfixed by the hardcore action on the iMac but thankfully he takes time out to show off every inch of his slender body. There are some great closeup shots of his fuckable arsehole and uncut cock, as well as some innovative underneath photos of his huge bollocks.

Like his mate Josh Hancock, Luckas also has an unusually tight foreskin — so tight that we never see the head of his penis. At the end of the video, the hot cum erupts out of his narrow foreskin opening like lava from a volcano! It makes a juicy pool on his leg.

Here’s a short preview video of Luckas:

As I’ve said before in previous articles, its remarkable how many different English twink models are available on Boy Fun. And not just solos like this one from Luckas, but they pair up many of our favorite lads together for explosive videos and photosets.

Download Luckas’ complete 250 photos and 18-minute video here.

Council Estate Lads Threeway

Leo Danny and Paul have a scally groupsex orgy

In probably the hottest episode ever on UK Scally Lads, a pair of chavvy straight lads, Paul and Danny, have their way with scally submissive boy Leo! This orgy is so chock full of raunchy action, there is something for everyone here!

It starts with Paul and Danny blindfolding Leo with a dirty soccer sock and then making him kneel before them and service their throbbing uncut cocks. They offer him a deal: they will release the blindfold only if he agrees to lick their dirty trainers clean! Which he does willingly in order to escape the bondage!

Untied, Leo joins the scallies in a circle sucking session. Then Danny starts rimming Leo’s ass to loosen it up and soon fingers and spit follow his probing tongue. In the fucking scenes we see Leo get spit-roasted by Paul and Danny; both of his holes are filled at once. Then they do a daisy-chain fuck with Danny in the middle. All these lads are very vocal and the loud moaning and groaning was a real turn on to me!

There are two short trailer videos of this amazing groupsex scene available on

RJ to Craig: Sit on My Face!

Amazing Ass Licking Action with British Boys

Even though it is not a fetish site, sometimes the duo films on Blake Mason have so much ass licking action packed into them that they rival ones found on the dedicated rimming sites!

Newcomer Craig seems to crave having his ass licked deeply, so maybe after seeing RJ’s expert tongue at work inside Neil Rush and also Jack, he chose him to be partnered up with for his first ever duo film! The movie starts with a few minutes of Craig servicing his Scottish mate’s uncut cock, before RJ whispers in his ears, “sit on my face!”. And then the raunchy fun begins!

There are some devilishly kinky positions used in the rimming scene. My favorite was RJ was lying on the bed, head hanging over the edge and Craig squats over his face and spreads his cheeks apart so that RJ’s tongue can have unrestricted access!

All of this tongue fucking makes Craig desperate for a real fucking by a nice hard cock. Craig seems lost in rapture while RJ plows into him on his back, on his side, and even while he rides RJ like a cowboy at one point! This turns him on so much he shoots cum while RJ is sliding in and out of him.

Seven out of the film’s 23 minutes show the lads rimming. You can view the profiles of Craig and RJ and download the entire full-length movie at