Jonathan Harvey on British Boy

Blond Ben on LadsUK

Blond Ben on LadsuK

It’s always a treat to stumble upon a British gay porn site like Lads UK, previously unknown to me. But its even more of a delight to find a fresh new face like Ben, one of the fit lads who stands out the most on the site!

Blond amateur Ben appears in three different photosets on the site: an artistic one of him wearing Umbro trackies and wanking in front of a huge mosaic, another where he does the same in front of a white wall, and a third amazing set of him jacking off on a living room settee. In this last one, we learn that Ben is a true patriot: he’s clad in an England football shirt and England underwear!

Members of Lads UK also have access to Ben’s wanking video, filmed at the same time as his “Living Room” photoset.

Here are some juicy details about Ben:

  • Height – 5’9″
  • Hair – Blonde
  • Age – 19
  • Music – R & B
  • Food – Pizza
  • Drink – JD & Coke
  • TV – Eastenders

At the time of writing, Lads UK had 36 exclusive models, ranging from twinks to hunks. With the exception of 3 or 4 of them, these were all new faces to me, UK amateur lads I’ve never seen before on any other porn site.

Check out the Lads UK tour for more of Ben and a list of all the site’s exclusive models.

Spain vs England

Sandy Jenkins fucked by Brent Jaymes on

This update from demonstrates the best approach to filming hardcore gay porn: find two models that have a ton of chemistry towards each other and just let them go at it, uninhibited. The resulting porn will be spectacular every time!

The young lovers here are relative newcomers to gay British porn: Brent Jaymes, a Spaniard living in London, and long-haired English twink Sandy Jenkins. I suspect they may be a couple in real life judging by the little things we see them do to each other while making love. Like the way they dont seem to want to stop snogging at the outset. Like the little bites Sandy gives Brent, even nibbling on his foreskin overhang for a bit. Brent is just ever so slightly dominant with Sandy, as if they’d settled into those roles after dating each other for a while.

The photoset has some unforgettable closeups shots, especially ones of Sandy sucking on an especially veiny uncut cock. But the real treasure here is the 22-minute video which blew me away seeing Sandy suck cock and get fucked. Its hard to put into words how hypnotic it is watching him in action , so here’s a preview to let you see for yourselves:

The ending is both raunchy and unexpected. Sandy cums while getting pounded by Brent, then Brent withdraws and dumps a huge messy load of splooge on his abs. But surprisingly the action does not stop there. The sex-crazed Sandy continues sucking his partner’s still-hard cock for a full two minutes longer!

This video really is some of the hottest hardcore sex I’ve seen in gay porn this year. I think Sandy could end up becoming a major British twink pornstar if he keeps on like this!

Check out the tour page for one additional video trailer of Sandy and Brent (click the icon next to their picture).

The Beckhamization of Hayden

English Lads Hayden now looks like Dave Beckham

When I first saw Hayden’s new look on English Lads, I was worried that he might have gone and joined the military. But upon closer inspection of his dog tags, I realized that my fears were unwarranted. That is, unless Armani Exchange is raising its own private army!

Compared with his first shoot in trackies a few weeks ago, Hayden’s latest shows him with shaved blond hair and a five o’clock shadow. He seems to be taking Dave Beckham seriously as a fashion role model. The results are pretty impressive on Hayden.

The Liverpudlian PT starts the video by demonstrating his typical workout routine. After a couple minutes of sit ups and push ups, Hayden heads over to a massage table where Kev Adamson eagerly awaits him. Kev rubs down every inch of his athletic body, paying special attention to his feet. Eventually the Armani underwear (Beckham again?) come off and Kev works his magic on Hayden’s uncut dick, making it stand at full attention in no time. There are some great closeup views of Hayden’s extra-hairy hole as Kev rubs it with his finger (but does not finger-fuck it).

Hayden has a wank while showing off all of his muscles, then the straight boy agrees to let Kev give him a full handjob until he shoots his load. So its a massage with a happy ending!

There are close to 900 high-resolution photos of Hayden available in his two shoots on English Lads. The trailer videos of him are no longer on the tour, but you can view them on these gallery pages:

Kickboxer Keni Styles

Keni on UK Naked Men

The lads at UK Naked Men seem to be very persuasive when it comes to reluctant straight men. Beautiful Keni Styles is a good example, this is the one and only shoot he’s ever done for a gay porn site!

The stunning tattooed Asian hunk was born in Thailand but spent most of his adult life in London. Although he might not be familiar to us gay men, he has a strong following in straight porn, even having won some major awards in the past. And if that wasn’t enough, when he’s not off shagging his pornstar girlfriends, he somehow finds the time to be a champion kickboxer as well!

The UKNM photographer does an amazing job showcasing Keni’s glistening taut body, and there are some amazing closeup photos of his dark uncut meat as well. I don’t know if he’ll ever go fully “gay-for-pay” but I for one would love to see a hot action set of Keni with another of the many hotties in the UK Naked Men stables!

Download Keni’s full photoset on

Sam and Damian Get Kinky

Sam and Damien on FreshSX

Popular London twink Sam gets together with the inimitable Wales lad Damian on FreshSX for some kinky games with a blindfold and hard cocks ready to do some serious ass pounding!

Although I havent seen the video, FreshSX sent me some tasty photos showing the pair mutual sucking each others uncut cocks in a 69, and some others that I particularly liked of Damien rimming Sam. The cumshots after the hardcore fucking seem to be particularly well filmed. Sam shoots his load of twink sperm then Damien withdraws and adds his own load to the one already pooling on Sam’s dick and balls.

Although Damian Duke is a familiar face on gay (and bi, and straight!) British porn, some of you watching Channel 4 a few days ago might have been surprised to see him on a mainstream television show “The Sex Education Show vs Pornography”.

If you’re already a fan of this long-haired Welshman or if you’d like to learn more about him, the last three updates on Fresh SX have all featured Damian, so be sure to check out the free preview area for more of him in action.

Jesse’s First Ever Fuck

Young straight lad Jesse fucks his first gay ass.

Watching this latest update featuring Blake Mason‘s fit young superstar Jesse, two things came to mind: 1) he really is a straight boy, and 2) he has never fucked anyone before. What a turn on it is to witness his introduction to gay anal sex!

Jesse asked to be paired up with Robbie, and these two stylish lads make quite the pair! A few weeks ago, we saw Jesse meet Robbie for the first time when they filmed a rather bizzare video which featured them placing their hard cocks into plaster moulds in order to make lifelike dildo models of their penises!

Thankfully with this go-round, its back to good old-fashioned straight boy sex! Intiially Jesse seems not quite comfortable with the initial kissing of Robbie but he soon gets into it, especially after Robbie deep throats his veiny, uncut, 9 1/2 inch monster cock. We also get to see Jesse take his first ever hesitant licks of another guys cock. After more mutual oral sex, Robbie asks Jesse how he likes to fuck, but Jesse seems totally clueless about what different positions are available! Robbie ends up teaching him three of them: letting Jesse fuck him on top, on his back, and doggie style.

Interestingly, my favorite part of this 30-minute video came from Robbie, not Jesse. Getting fucked doggie style whilst simulatenously stroking his cock, Robbie ends up shooting a long ribbon of cum that spans the entire length of the bed! Yet another amazing cumshot from one of my favorite British porn models. Robbie has turned up on other sites recently but in my opinion no one is able to handle him as well as Blake Mason.

Six short preview video clips of Jesse sliding into Robbie are available for you to download at this free gallery page.