Jonathan Harvey on British Boy

Before He Was James Nichols…

James Nichols auditions as Steve on First Auditions.

Here’s one for the James Nichols fanboys! Long before he became an English Lad, he made his debut porn video for the site First Auditions under the pseudonym “Steve”.

The premise behind First Auditions is that these are unsuspecting straight boys hoping to make a few quid working in porn. The cameras are rolling without interruption from the moment the new prospect walks into the audition room. We listen to them getting interviewed, discussing how far they are willing to go in gay porn. They they get a somewhat humiliating physical exam which, for some, includes getting anally probed with a thermometer or a thick dildo. And finally they are made to jackoff and shoot cum.

So in the case of “Steve”, its not really anything we haven’t seen him do before, showing off his uncut cock and arsehole, wanking himself to orgasm. But its still fascinating to travel back in time and see him at this early stage. He has a hot body, but definitely not as ripped as it is today. Still, in the initial interview we can see the first glimmer of star potential, that unmistakable confidence that carried him throughout the rest of his porn career.

Scott Stone’s fans will also be happy to hear that FirstAuditions has his audition video as well. On the site he appears as “John”.

Check out the First Auditions tour for a list of all their models and learn more about their 11-step audition process.

Danny, Rob, and Stella Artois

Hardcore anal with scally lads Danny L and Rob C.

What true scally encounter would be complete without a bottle of Stella Artois? This beer has gotten a bad reputation as being “fighting fuel” but for rudeboys Danny and Rob, it only seems to make them hornier!

This latest UK Scally Lads offering is a good pairing between the more experienced 21-year-old Danny L (who we saw not long ago in a threeway) and 18-year-old newcomer Rob C who has just started in gay porn. There is no confusion about the roles here; Danny is definitely the top and Rob is the slightly-submissive bottom. Danny introduces the younger lad to all the forms of dirty sweaty sex we have come to look forward to from this amazing amateur porn site. He lays back and sips on a bottle of Stella lager while Rob deep-throats his curvy uncut cock. He has Rob spread his arse cheeks apart to administer a deep rimming which is beautifully filmed. And after loosing his hole up, Danny gives him a nice hard fuck.

Here’s a quick video preview:

The ending is particularly raunchy: both Danny and Rob give each other juicy cumshot facials!

Download the full phtooset and video featuring Danny and Rob

4-Way for the 400th Video

Groupsex with Jack Robbie Matt B and Tony.

Blake Mason reached a major milestone this week, releasing their 400th video. And what better way to celebrate that than with a 4-man orgy between Jack, Matt, Robbie and Tony!

The mammoth video runs over 32 minutes and the download size was about one gigabyte for the true HD (“Super Res”) version. For those of you without unlimited bandwidth plans, don’t worry you can get it in smaller sizes ranging from 960×540 (“Hi Res”) all the way down to MP4 format for your iPod and iPhone.

Even though there are 4 performers here its Jack and Matt Brooks who are the real standouts. Like two bulldogs struggling to become the alpha, each one attempts to outdo each other in raunchy acts! Jack sneaks in a surprising amount of foot licking throughout the video, and Matt tries to take it one step further by performing a foot job at one point on Jack: “fucking” his closed together feet with his hard cock. Tony tries his best to keep up with those two, and is happy to volunteer to be the first one to get fucked. A group sex scene is maybe not the ideal setting for the somewhat gentle and timid Robbie, but he is still as breathtaking as ever to watch.

This group sex video has a bukake ending, lucky Tony getting splattered in the spunk of the three other lads.

After watching this, I’m sure everyone will be wishing for a rematch between Jack and Matt B, this time just the two sex pigs alone in uninhibited raunchy action!

Once again, BlakeMason has proven that they are the masters of amateur porn videos, no other British site really comes close. Here’s hoping for another 400 more!

Download the full-length 4-man orgy video here.