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Luckas Layton and Kristian Kerner on UK Scally Lads.

I’m excited to see one of my favorite British twinks, Luckas Layton, back for a couple more hardcore gay porn videos! On UK Scally Lads he hooks up with fellow Manchester lad Kristian Kerner for a raunchy session where Luckas gets to indulge his foot fetish!

UKScallyLads writes:

After some horny snogging and nipple play, the boys got down to some serious cock sucking. Both these lads have nice, big dicks and both loved getting down and deep throating the other. They also engaged in some hot 69-ing action.

Next Kristian lay back on the bed and let Luckas rim his ass and sniff his smelly, sweaty feet. Some serious foot worship followed for those of you into that – and I know there are many! Now Luckas is a great bottom and Kristian a fantastic top, so the fucking scenes were bound to be hot. The boys didn’t disappoint as Kristian thrust his big, thick dick inside Luckas’s hole and proceeded to fuck the hell out of him. Luckas loved it though, and seemed disappointed when I said we needed to get a cum shot! Enjoy these lads spurt their loads all over each other to conclude another hot, steamy UKSL shoot.

Lucas is also the star of the most recent UK Scally Lads update, this time having his arse slammed by scally twink Chris Edwards.

Check out the main UKSL tour for the latest video of Luckas and Chris, or watch a preview of his fuck with Kristian Kerner

4-Way for the 400th Video

Groupsex with Jack Robbie Matt B and Tony.

Blake Mason reached a major milestone this week, releasing their 400th video. And what better way to celebrate that than with a 4-man orgy between Jack, Matt, Robbie and Tony!

The mammoth video runs over 32 minutes and the download size was about one gigabyte for the true HD (“Super Res”) version. For those of you without unlimited bandwidth plans, don’t worry you can get it in smaller sizes ranging from 960×540 (“Hi Res”) all the way down to MP4 format for your iPod and iPhone.

Even though there are 4 performers here its Jack and Matt Brooks who are the real standouts. Like two bulldogs struggling to become the alpha, each one attempts to outdo each other in raunchy acts! Jack sneaks in a surprising amount of foot licking throughout the video, and Matt tries to take it one step further by performing a foot job at one point on Jack: “fucking” his closed together feet with his hard cock. Tony tries his best to keep up with those two, and is happy to volunteer to be the first one to get fucked. A group sex scene is maybe not the ideal setting for the somewhat gentle and timid Robbie, but he is still as breathtaking as ever to watch.

This group sex video has a bukake ending, lucky Tony getting splattered in the spunk of the three other lads.

After watching this, I’m sure everyone will be wishing for a rematch between Jack and Matt B, this time just the two sex pigs alone in uninhibited raunchy action!

Once again, BlakeMason has proven that they are the masters of amateur porn videos, no other British site really comes close. Here’s hoping for another 400 more!

Download the full-length 4-man orgy video here.

James Nichols Golden Showers

James Nichols and Kev Adamson pissing fetish

Here’s some good news for those of you who have fantasied about seeing James Nichols pissing on another guy: in the last movie he did for English Lads you will get to see your dreams fulfilled!

This 33-minute video is James’ first for the site since last April, and for his return he chose to partner up with his mate Kev Adamson. At first the straight stud seems nervous but gradually relaxes as Kev worships his entire body — even taking time to lick his huge feet! The lads exchange handjobs and then Kev fucks James’ hole with a fat dildo while simultaneously wanking that huge uncut cock.

But the scene that has everyone talking is in the last three minutes while the lads are cleaning up in the shower.

Kev suddenly feels the urge to piss and he does it right there in the shower, much to the horror of James! James does his best to get out of way but Kev still manages to splash him with his strong stream of yellow pee. Not at all happy about this, James decides to take a piss on Kev. Kev pretends to be shocked at first but soon we see him grabbing hold of James’ pissing cock and angling it upwards so that he can feel the warmth of the golden shower on his cock and balls! Sometimes revenge is a dish best served hot!

What a beautiful sight it is to see boys as fit as this pissing… I wish there were a site PissLads along with EnglishLads!

You can view all the HD watersports action on

Stevie the Emo Teen

Stevie the Emo Teen

Freshboys UK might just have some of the hottest British twink models on any site. Emo teen Stevie is a perfect example of the fit amateur teens Freshboys has to offer!

This pierced 18-year-old from East Midlands strips out of his Emo clothes giving us an unobstructed view of his slim and smooth body. Stevie is horny so he wanks that uncut cock furiously and there are tempting closeup shots of his uncut dick throughout, and even a suprising number showing his large teen feet. A delight indeed for foot lovers!

Freshboys members get access to the full video version of Stevie wanking, as well as another video and photoset filmed at his own flat. In the latter one, Stevie shoots his sperm all over himself after another intense masturbation session!

Download dozens more free softcore photos of Stevie and other twinks on the Freshboys UK tour.

How a Dirty Boy Gets Clean!

Craig Edwards from English Lads

At the time of this writing, boasts an amazing 262 different amateur models on the site. Craig Edwards is my personal favorite out of all of them.

I love his face, I love his bedroom eyes. He has the most perfect set of hairy legs I’ve seen, and and a totally unshaven arse that I would love to rim for an hour! He has the appearance of a fashion model, yet seems very soft spoken and down-to-earth when you hear him talk in his videos.

In this set we are treated to the sight of two Craigs as he strips out of his clothes in front of a mirror. Craig shows off his untrimmed body and pulls back his foreskin starting the inevitable of blood flowing in and his cock! He hops into the bath and its not long before he swaps his sponge for his cock and is gently wanking away in the warm water! He stands up for a bit and spreads his hairy straight boy ass, all of those wet ringlets are shown in exquisite detail. There are also some tantalizing shots of Craig’s large feet as he scrubs them clean.

Craig then sits down on the edge of the bath and shoots his cum all over his very hairy abs and slips back in the bath to wash it all off.

Download Craig’s three videos totalling 90 minutes here.

If you havent been to English Lads for a while, its worth another look as it underwent a redesign this week.