Jonathan Harvey on British Boy

A Visit to the Pervy Doctors

Christian on CMNM.

Apparently the response to the “clothed male: nude male” humiliation episodes on First Auditions has been so overwhelming, it has spawned a new site dealing exclusively with that fetish: Now we get even more straight young lads stripped nude, anally probed, and wanked by men clad in suits!

I chose the episode with Christian as introduction despite the fact it’s clinic setting differs from the business offices in most other episodes. The tough 18-year-old straight lad is sexy and over-confident: exactly the type who deserves to be subject to such humiliation!

Christian’s facial expressions are priceless as his medical examination starts, nothing like what he expected. The three pervy doctors do their best to make him feel uncomfortable, stroking every part of his upper body, talking about him in the third person as if he was a piece of meat! At first this treatment seems to amuse Christian and he openly laughs at them in contempt. Then the look of horror grows as he realizes whats in store for him…

The older men subject Christian to all sorts bizarre treatment. They take turns sniffing his sweaty armpits and arse crack then commenting to each other about his body odor. A doctor requests a urine sample and he holds the beaker while Christian fill it up with a pint full of his frothy piss. Then as a way of analyzing the piss, the doctor dips his finger in the warm liquid and takes a taste!

After this phase of the examination, things get painful for poor Christian. He survives the rectal thermometer, but really struggles when one doc fingers his bum deeply during the prostate exam. The are lots of cries of “Ow! Ow! Ow!” and Christian is forced to take deep breaths to get through it. And just when he thinks the worst is over, the doctors produce a butt plug which they force up his already aching hole!

By now Christian is in tears, but thankfully all that’s remaining is the extraction of a sperm sample. The doctors team together, caressing his body and stroking his fat uncut cock. It does not take long for him to shoot his pent-up load… directly into one doc’s cupped hand! That doctor has one nasty surprise left for Christian: he hand-feeds the boy his own cum!

This really is a superb 40-minute video, with good balance between kink and comedy, and a production quality far beyond what I would have expected. They use an innovative split-screen technique during Christian’s anal probing which allows us to see the expressions of agony on Kristian’s face in real-time with each thrust of the butt plug!

To see more, check out the free streaming video of the Christian on the CNMN start page.