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Clothed Males, Nude Maurice

Naked straight boy Maurice abused by 4 clothed males.

A bit of a departure for the amateur straight boy porn site First Auditions: they’ve added a new series called Clothed Male: Nude Male Training which features straight men stripped naked and humiliated by a bunch of mean blokes in business suits. One of the latest victims is Maurice, a hunky blond Scotsman.

First Auditions writes:

Straight ex-army man Morris has a fit Scottish body that should be displayed all the time, but he’s still under the impression that men shouldn’t be allowed access to it. Luckily he’s a mouthy little fucker because the pervy men were turned on by his sexy accent. The angrier he got about being violated by them and the more he told them to “fuck off” the hornier the guys groping and jerking him got. For an aggressive, dominant, masculine guy like Morris being roughly groped and forced to submit by other men is the worst kind of degradation. You have to see this sexy boy’s reaction when he’s forced to eat his own cum.

If the mild humiliation porn is not your cup of tea, fear not: every week the site is still adding “regular” episodes of amateur straight lads being interviewed and wanking off for the camera.

Check out a streaming video trailer of Maurice’s CMNM Training session »

James Nichols Golden Showers

James Nichols and Kev Adamson pissing fetish

Here’s some good news for those of you who have fantasied about seeing James Nichols pissing on another guy: in the last movie he did for English Lads you will get to see your dreams fulfilled!

This 33-minute video is James’ first for the site since last April, and for his return he chose to partner up with his mate Kev Adamson. At first the straight stud seems nervous but gradually relaxes as Kev worships his entire body — even taking time to lick his huge feet! The lads exchange handjobs and then Kev fucks James’ hole with a fat dildo while simultaneously wanking that huge uncut cock.

But the scene that has everyone talking is in the last three minutes while the lads are cleaning up in the shower.

Kev suddenly feels the urge to piss and he does it right there in the shower, much to the horror of James! James does his best to get out of way but Kev still manages to splash him with his strong stream of yellow pee. Not at all happy about this, James decides to take a piss on Kev. Kev pretends to be shocked at first but soon we see him grabbing hold of James’ pissing cock and angling it upwards so that he can feel the warmth of the golden shower on his cock and balls! Sometimes revenge is a dish best served hot!

What a beautiful sight it is to see boys as fit as this pissing… I wish there were a site PissLads along with EnglishLads!

You can view all the HD watersports action on

Scott Stone Rises to the Top

Hunky builder Scott Stone is the current top-rated model on English Lads.

Bad news for fans of Danny Russell, James Nichols, and Alex Parry: there’s a new lad in town who has already surpassed all of them and risen to the top of the English Lads members’ favorite lads list! He is Scott Stone, a tall 22-year-old straight builder whose photos I’ve been drooling over since the moment I laid eyes on him!

Let me start by saying that these preview photos absolutely do not do Scott any justice. Missing here completely are any shots of his incredibly fat uncut cock — several inches thick for sure — which is crowned with a bulbous purple head and a huge pulsing vein running along the shaft. Also missing in these sample shots are any glimpses of Scott’s totally unshaved arse crack, its hair wet and gleaming in the autumn sunlight.

The full photoset contains 532 photos and shows our straight lad wanking in the EnglishLads’ hot tub, then using a fucking a fleshjack with his huge cock, and finally shooting his sperm into a plastic cup. And yes, we are treated to some incredible closeups of the still-warm cum in the cup!

I am expecting that Scott’s video will be posted this week, so be sure to check the updates page for a preview clip.

Matt Hughes and the Fleshlight

Trying to stuff a foot-long cock into a fleshlight.

Matt Hughes seems to be hanging out at the UK Naked Men studios quite a bit these days. On his last visit, the lads gave him a fleshlight and wanted to see if his foot long cock would even fit inside of it!

The video starts with an interview where a cheeky Matt tells us a bit more about himself while wanking at the same time. We discover a few interesting tidbits about him. For example, did you know that he is into very rough sex and being dominant? You can almost see his big dick visibly growing as he describes his secret fetish.

And then the fun begins! Matt notices the fleshlight and decides to give it a try. It was an extemelmly tight fit around his uncut cock, but that seemed to turn him on even more. After giving the sex toy a pretty intense workout, the sensations were just too much for Matt and his explosive cumshot hits him squarely in the face!

Here’s a brief preview video (presented at far smaller size and lesser quality than the full version on UKNM):

You download all Matt’s photos and view the complete video on the tour. And while you’re there check out the recent update with another familiar Brit lad, hairy Kyle Lucas!

EnglishLads James Nichols

EnglishLads James Nichols

Another classic from English Lads superstar James Nichols!

I probably receive more requests to see this tanned adonis than any other amateur British porn model. This latest starts with James in painting overalls and not much underneath them at all… save for a sexy pair of Ginch Gonches! Those underwear contain one big and hard treat bursting to get out. James can never contain his uncut meat as the minute the camera is turned on, so is he and his cock just grows all solid.

Those of you who have followed his recent exploits know that this straight stud is getting more and more comfortable with assplay, whether its alone during his wanking sessions, or being fingered by other fit lads on the site. In this video, he can hardly resist lifting up his legs and spreading his ass cheeks wide. Soon a big old strap-on dildo is pushing into his hole! Then the chain reaction begins and he starts shooting cum all over the place: on his face, on the chair, and even on the wall behind him!

You can download James’ entire 28 minute video here.