Jonathan Harvey on British Boy

Gorgeous Jay Hall

Jay Hall on English Lads.

What a difference a little facial hair and a bit of sunshine makes!

I have to admit, I wasn’t blown away by Jay’s first appearance on English Lads. But in this second shoot which was filmed outdoors on a beautiful summer’s day, he truly looks spectacular. That small amount of facial hair running around is face transforms him from just another amateur to a Greek god. And the sunlight seems to illuminate each and every muscle on his ripped body!

The Liverpool lad does a great job of teasing us, clad in nothing but a jockstrap that barely manages to contain his bulging cock! Although Jay’s uncut dick is only average-sized (6.5″), he makes the most of it, stretching his foreskin while he wanks. He then lays back and lets us have a looks at his lightly hairy arse-crack with its large rosebud. After stroking his cock a bit more in that same comfortable position, Jay shoots cum all over himself!

Jay’s first appearance on a gay site was actually as James Hall on Fit Young Men. Earlier this year, he did two shoots for that sports-themed site, posing with a football.

Read more about Jay and view his stats on his profile page »

Tent Action

Luke and Brez Camping on After Hours.

The sixth and eight episodes of “After Hours: Small World” are my favorites so far in the series. The movies — which depict main character Luke on a camping trip with straight mate Brez — are true gems and good indicators of just how much things have changed over at Blake Mason.

In the Members’ Forum Adam Mason explains that the events in these two episodes are depictions of real sexual encounters from his own youth. Isn’t it amazing that Blake Mason has become powerful enough that the owners can have actors playing themselves, reenacting scenes from their own lives?

Despite the difficulties of filming outdoors in Dartmoor, the movies are technically flawless with high production values at a level never before seen Blake Mason. And the sex is just as amazing. The first part has Luke and Brez in a tent, inside of their sleeping bags. They start bragging about their dick sizes, then decide to take out their erect cocks to do a size comparison. Needing relief, the horny lads begin wanking their massive tools, and this leads to an exchange of handjobs. Episode 8 takes place the next morning, and shows the lads continuing their exploration by tasting each others uncut dicks!

In total we are treated to four different cumshots over the course of the episodes’ 50 minute running time!

Just before the cocksucking, there is a well-filmed scene of both lads pissing together outdoors. This should delight anyone with a piss fetish, and it is yet another welcome first for Blake Mason. I hope they’ll be including piss more often, even if its only as part of the outtakes clips that are available to members.

You can watch a preview of this outdoor porn masterpiece on the After Hours video preview page »

Scott Stone Rises to the Top

Hunky builder Scott Stone is the current top-rated model on English Lads.

Bad news for fans of Danny Russell, James Nichols, and Alex Parry: there’s a new lad in town who has already surpassed all of them and risen to the top of the English Lads members’ favorite lads list! He is Scott Stone, a tall 22-year-old straight builder whose photos I’ve been drooling over since the moment I laid eyes on him!

Let me start by saying that these preview photos absolutely do not do Scott any justice. Missing here completely are any shots of his incredibly fat uncut cock — several inches thick for sure — which is crowned with a bulbous purple head and a huge pulsing vein running along the shaft. Also missing in these sample shots are any glimpses of Scott’s totally unshaved arse crack, its hair wet and gleaming in the autumn sunlight.

The full photoset contains 532 photos and shows our straight lad wanking in the EnglishLads’ hot tub, then using a fucking a fleshjack with his huge cock, and finally shooting his sperm into a plastic cup. And yes, we are treated to some incredible closeups of the still-warm cum in the cup!

I am expecting that Scott’s video will be posted this week, so be sure to check the updates page for a preview clip.

Monster Cock Sighted in the Forest

Matt showing his monster cock outdoors

No, you’re not seeing things… that veiny 12-inch monster cock is quite real and belongs to none other than hunky Matt Hughes from UK Naked Men!

After his unforgettable performance in the 4 A Good Time orgy scene, Matt returns for a solo wank. It looks like the guys at UKNakedMen were lucky and chose to film outdoors during the few minutes of sunshine we’ve had this summer in the UK.

That gargantuan cock is always such a welcome sight as he unfurls it from his stretched-to-capacity pants and it lolls out. There must be a fair length of foreskin there to conceal that purple, sheen of dick helmet. I could mention his tight toned, bod and peachy arse cheeks but you’re just starring, slack jawed at his cock, aren’t you?

Download Matt’s entire photoset at

Danny Russell Video on EnglishLads

Danny Russell returns to EnglishLads

It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if EnglishLads took out an insurance policy on the hairs on Danny Russell’s body. As with Tina Turner and her legs, Danny’s forest of fur is his most valuable asset!

In my previous article about this 20-year-old straight bearcub, he was already a fast-rising star. One month later, he is now at the top of the members’ favorites; first place out of 271 models!

This is a beatifully shot outdoor wanking video, the sunlight illuminating every hair on his body in stunning detail. Particulaly when he stands on a staircase stroking his uncut cock. Also included are some birds-eye-view shots, an interesting technique I havent seen EnglishLads use before. Danny doesnt say much during the video, but he does reveal one juicy tidbit: he’s had a girlfriend put a finger up his arse “once or twice”!

Indeed, its that perfect bum of his which was my favorite part of the video. A very generous 6 minutes out of the 26-minute video are devoted to closeups of his hairy rosebud. The detail level is amazing at 960×540 resolution; his hole fills up the entire screen.

You can download Danny’s preview clips here at this free gay video gallery, or stream directly from by clicking the link Your favourite Str8 hairy lad on the tour main page.

Rick Lewis Cock-Fighting Liam

Outdoor cockfighting with EnglishLads Rick Lewis

Here are two great reasons to check out English Lads this week: a spectacular outdoor set featuring gymnast Rick Lewis and young Folkstone fireman Liam James.

During a walk in the countryside, the horny lads take a break at a fence for a wank. But then the cheeky boys decide to have a bit of fun by battering their uncut cocks together in a good old-fashioned cock-fight! There are even shots of the straight studs tentatively touching each others cocks. Fully erect now, the lads lie back in a field to continue their mutual jackoff, and it ends with them standing up and blowing huge loads of fresh seed into the grass.

Rick Lewis is amazing as usual, but 18-year-old Liam James was the real surprise in this set. I thought he might be overshadowed by the superstar next to him, but Liam looks truly stunning in the outdoor lighting. He is clearly a young man in his absolute prime.

Even though its not evident from these preview photos, I can assure you this set has dozens of clear shots of both lads big uncut cocks, and they lift up their legs giving us unrestricted views of their inviting arseholes. Rick’s hole looks like he still might be recovering from his encounter with Will a few weeks ago :-)

Download all 467 cock-fighting photos on

Danny the Hairy Bear Cub

Hairy Lad Danny Russell on EnglishLads

Fur is back in fashion! Naturally hairy young Danny Russell is probably the hairiest model ever featured on English Lads and already he is at 5th place in the top lads rankings. That’s one spot ahead of legendary James Nichols!

A newcomer to gay porn, Danny currently works as a builder in London. Although he is totally straight, he seems at ease with the idea of horny lads like us watching him having a private wank! This lighting in this outdoor photo shoot is great for showing how totally covered in fur his body really is, not just his hairy chest and legs, but the untrimmed pubes around his uncut cock as well. Arsehole fans will love it when he lifts his legs in the air and spreads his cheeks, giving us a wonderful view of his unshaven hairy hole.

Danny reminds me a bit of another hairy straight lad, Alex Parry who is currently number 3 in the EnglishLads rankings. Wouldnt it be hot to see them in a hardcore scene together?

Download all 400+ photos in Danny’s full photoset at EnglishLads.

British Boyfriends’ Outdoor Hardcore

English Lads Will and Brett Al Fresco has a treat for lovers of outdoor sex: a hardcore session out in the open between real-life British boyfriends Will Jamieson and Brett Carter!

As you will notice from the tropical backdrop, these photos were definitely not taken in the UK :-) In fact, this hardcore encounter took place on the lads’ recent vacation to Spain. It looks like their hotel neighbors must have had a pretty decent view of the hot fucking!

The passion between the two is apparent from the outset with mutual deep-throat sucking of uncut cocks. Soon Brett’s insatiable ass cant take the wait anymore and he sits down on Will’s thick pole. There are some good closeup shots of Will sliding in and out of Brett.

The real highlight of this set is Brett’s cumshot which occurs while his lover is still deep inside his ass. Will then withdraws and lets loose with with a torrent of hot warm jizz all over Brett.

You can download the lads’ full photoset at English Lads. The tour also has a free preview video featuring Brett getting his arse slammed by fit Neil Rush. Just click the red triangle next to “Str8 hunk gets blown & fucks”.

Foot-Long Cock on a Yacht

BlakeMason Cabin Boy Matt H

After a long winter, finally a new boating video from BlakeMason! This time featuring superstar Matt H!

What I love about Matt is how charming he is and this is apparent listening to his opening chat with the cameraman. He seems so down to earth, who would guess he is concealing a “dick of death” in those pants?

In this video Matt is allowed to move around freely on the yacht, pounding furiously on his dick wherever he goes. The cameraman manages some stunning shots of his 12-inch uncut pole standing straight up, set against the deep blue background of the ocean. Matt seems lost in a trance during this 22-minute video.

When he finally climaxes, he gushes quite a bit of cum which is filmed from two different angles. I think the best view is where you see the jizz shooting out in front of the red ensign. Our blond lad looks a tad sunburned at the end, but it was definitely worth it!

Click here for 6 free downloadable videos of Matt’s ocean wanking!

Freezing in Dartmoor

Adam from Blake Mason

The lads over at Blake Mason must have been slightly mad to attempt it: filming outdoors in Dartmoor in March when the temperature was barely above 5 degrees centigrade! We are indeed fortunate that members’ favorite model Adam didnt end up freezing any precious body parts off!

The resulting video is quite specactular with a sunlit Adam whipping out his thick uncut cock and wanking openly. This is easily one of the most breathtaking solo videos to appear on Blake Mason, especially for those of us with a fetish for foreskin or camera-drenching cumshot endings!

Adam is a becoming a true superstar of amateur British porn, appearing in 34 videos on alone.

Download the entire 18 minute video of Adam in Dartmoor here!