Jonathan Harvey on British Boy

Return of the Mack

Leo and Sean on Bulldog Pit

Leo Mack has been pretty much absent from gay porn since 2009, so imagine my surprise at finding him in a scorching hot new update over at Bulldog Pit!

Not having checked out the site for a while, I was also suprised to find that Bulldog Pit has gone 100% British since the beginning of the year. Not only are they exclusively using pornstars from the UK, but they also seem to be targetting a UK audience.

For example, in this episode with Leo and Sean McKenzie, both lads are dressed up in scally kit. They even keep their caps and filthy trainers on while fucking! Scally enthusiasts will note that, to make it more realistic, the opening scene with Leo was filmed at actual council estate.

As you can see, this scene includes everything that proper gay British porn should have: a realistic amateur filming style, plenty of sucking on huge uncut cocks and arseholes, and, of course, intense hardcore anal sex. And just wait to you see the cumshots… Leo gets one right in the mouth and drinks it all down!

Check out the Bulldog Pit tour for more familiar faces and free videos »

U.K. Scally Twinks

Luckas Layton and Kristian Kerner on UK Scally Lads.

I’m excited to see one of my favorite British twinks, Luckas Layton, back for a couple more hardcore gay porn videos! On UK Scally Lads he hooks up with fellow Manchester lad Kristian Kerner for a raunchy session where Luckas gets to indulge his foot fetish!

UKScallyLads writes:

After some horny snogging and nipple play, the boys got down to some serious cock sucking. Both these lads have nice, big dicks and both loved getting down and deep throating the other. They also engaged in some hot 69-ing action.

Next Kristian lay back on the bed and let Luckas rim his ass and sniff his smelly, sweaty feet. Some serious foot worship followed for those of you into that – and I know there are many! Now Luckas is a great bottom and Kristian a fantastic top, so the fucking scenes were bound to be hot. The boys didn’t disappoint as Kristian thrust his big, thick dick inside Luckas’s hole and proceeded to fuck the hell out of him. Luckas loved it though, and seemed disappointed when I said we needed to get a cum shot! Enjoy these lads spurt their loads all over each other to conclude another hot, steamy UKSL shoot.

Lucas is also the star of the most recent UK Scally Lads update, this time having his arse slammed by scally twink Chris Edwards.

Check out the main UKSL tour for the latest video of Luckas and Chris, or watch a preview of his fuck with Kristian Kerner

Hard Brit Lads: Bigger & Better

Junior and James on Hard Brit Lads.

I was already impressed with the latest newcomer to the world of gay British porn sites, Hard Brit Lads. But last week, owner Simon Booth made a couple of important changes which make an already great site even better!

  • Videos are now offered in a larger format, 960 x 540 which is beyond DVD-quality. This applies to the videos you stream directly from the site, as well as the downloadable ones.
  • Photo sizes have also increased, and the sets are easier to navigate thanks to the Lightbox feature which shows you the full-sized photo as you hover over each thumbnail image.

The benefits from the changes are evident in the hardcore video between rudeboy James Pringle and submissive scally Junior Simpson. Junior gets on his knees and sucks James’s thick 8 incher as deep as he can, before being fingered and fucked 3 ways. Cum facials to finish!

Take a look for yourselves at these changes (and some amazing preview clips!) at the updated Hard Brit Lads tour.

Hard Brit Lads Axel and Thierry

Axel Perry and Thierry fuck on

I’m no economist, but I think I’ve discovered a trend which indicates that the UK’s economic slowdown may be ending. Yet another new gay British porn site has been launched: Hard Brit Lads!

I’m particularly excited about this latest enterprise because of who it has at the helm: none other than Simon Booth, the legendary director of countless movies for Eurocreme, Hung Ladz, Rude Boiz, Indieboyz, Dreamboy, and others.

Simon has not only created a great looking website which is stylish, edgy, and modern, but he appears to have found some amazing new talent as well!

The scene shown above teams up 24-year-old blond-haired, blue-eyed scally Axel Perry with Thierry, a hung French chav who has been living in Britian for many years. Their video features the uncut duo exchanging blowjobs before Thierry bangs Axel in various positions. At the end, Thierry shoots a massive load of cum!

Hard Brit Lads is really the opposite of that other new site Fit Young Men. The former concentrates more on videos of regular amateur lads having hardcore sex, while the latter is an erotic photography site featuring solo hunky athletes. Together, both sites bring so many fresh new faces to the world of gay British porn!

I highly recommend checking out the HardBritLads preview page as it offers 12 free streaming videos which show a cross-section of the high standards we can look forward to from Simon Booth.

Danny, Rob, and Stella Artois

Hardcore anal with scally lads Danny L and Rob C.

What true scally encounter would be complete without a bottle of Stella Artois? This beer has gotten a bad reputation as being “fighting fuel” but for rudeboys Danny and Rob, it only seems to make them hornier!

This latest UK Scally Lads offering is a good pairing between the more experienced 21-year-old Danny L (who we saw not long ago in a threeway) and 18-year-old newcomer Rob C who has just started in gay porn. There is no confusion about the roles here; Danny is definitely the top and Rob is the slightly-submissive bottom. Danny introduces the younger lad to all the forms of dirty sweaty sex we have come to look forward to from this amazing amateur porn site. He lays back and sips on a bottle of Stella lager while Rob deep-throats his curvy uncut cock. He has Rob spread his arse cheeks apart to administer a deep rimming which is beautifully filmed. And after loosing his hole up, Danny gives him a nice hard fuck.

Here’s a quick video preview:

The ending is particularly raunchy: both Danny and Rob give each other juicy cumshot facials!

Download the full phtooset and video featuring Danny and Rob

Council Estate Lads Threeway

Leo Danny and Paul have a scally groupsex orgy

In probably the hottest episode ever on UK Scally Lads, a pair of chavvy straight lads, Paul and Danny, have their way with scally submissive boy Leo! This orgy is so chock full of raunchy action, there is something for everyone here!

It starts with Paul and Danny blindfolding Leo with a dirty soccer sock and then making him kneel before them and service their throbbing uncut cocks. They offer him a deal: they will release the blindfold only if he agrees to lick their dirty trainers clean! Which he does willingly in order to escape the bondage!

Untied, Leo joins the scallies in a circle sucking session. Then Danny starts rimming Leo’s ass to loosen it up and soon fingers and spit follow his probing tongue. In the fucking scenes we see Leo get spit-roasted by Paul and Danny; both of his holes are filled at once. Then they do a daisy-chain fuck with Danny in the middle. All these lads are very vocal and the loud moaning and groaning was a real turn on to me!

There are two short trailer videos of this amazing groupsex scene available on

Matt Hughes Goes Scally

Matt Hughes in England kit having getting sucked by a scally lad.

I think Matt Hughes has shown up on every major gay British porn site in existence! This week he dons an England footy shirt and navy Reebok trackie bottoms for his appearance on UK Scally Lads.

Ricky J, a horny gay scally boy from Bromley nervously volunteered to service Matt’s foot-long powertool. After sucking it through Matt’s underwear, Ricky tries his best to go down on it but its simply too big for him to take it all. Is there anyone capable of swallowing the entire thing?

After getting Matt all worked up (Matt even does a bit of sucking of Ricky’s uncut todger himself), Ricky decides he’s ready to take that piece of meat like a man. Matt slowly inserts his throbbing dick inside and we see Ricky wincing with each inch that slides deeper and deeper into him…

Click here for a video preview of Matt and Ricky’s scally encounter.

A Scally Sniffing His Trainers

Leigh is a scally lad with a fetish for smelly trainers.

UK Scally Lads is one of the few gay sites which caters expertly to those of us with a fetish for sniffing trainers and socks. This recent update shows Leigh, a rudeboi who clearly shares our same fetish!

As soon as Leigh pulls down his Nike trackie bottoms, we notice a thick uncut cock bursting to get out of his underwear. Once he whips it out, he goes directly for the object of his affection: those Nike trainers which were still quite sweaty and smelly from his gym workout earlier in the day. He playfully rubbed his cock up and down the inside of his trainers and some pre-cum even ended up inside of them.

A few minutes of indulging in his fetish really seems to put our scally boy over the edge, and he spurts hot sperm all over his stomach and chest. I have to admit, watching Leigh turned me on so much that i couldnt resist the urge and found myself smelling my own trainers while wanking to the video!

Another update rom a few weeks ago involved his mate Alec not only sniffing and licking a pair of Reebok Classic trainers, but going further and fucking those sneakers with his big powertool!

Download Leigh’s 17-minute sneaker worship video and 300-picture photoset exclusively on

Rimming a Redhead Scally Lad

Dirty redhead scally lad Jayden gets rimmed.

UK Scally Lads Jordan and Jayden look like the kind of scallies you’re used to seeing hanging around street corners: kitted out in baseball caps, hooded jumpers, trackies… even their trainers which remain on during their entire mega suck session!

My favorite part of the video was definitely when redhead Jayden got rimmed by his mate Jordan. I love redheads and nothing turns me on more than rimming, so seeing the combination of the two made me shoot my load! Judging by the look of ecstasy on Jayden’s freckled face, he seems to love rimming too!

In part two of the 17-minute video, our scallies get clean in the shower together and then get down to some serious fucking!

I realize that not everyone shares my fetish for scallies and chavs, but its still worth having a look at the tour to see what its all about. If you like true amateur porn, this is as real as it gets. The models don’t wear any makeup and the action is not filmed in an expensive studio. What a welcome change this is from what we’re used to seeing from the other big gay UK porn sites!

To learn more about the whole scally & chav phenomenon, I recommed this well-written article: What is a scally?.

Or better yet, download Jordan and Jayden’s full video and watch true scallies in action!

Scally Boys Cumshot Facial

Anthony feeds Justin his cum on BoyFunCollection

Justin gets quite the mouthful from his mate Antony in this scally update from Boy Fun Collection!

After some romantic kissing, these chav lads strip out of their trackies and underwear for mutual cocksucking. There are some great closeup shots blue-eyed Antony paying loving attention to every vein on Justin’s thick uncut dick. Then its onto the hardcore action with Justin sitting down on Antony’s thick pole and getting a hard arse pounding.

The climax of this video shows what a pro Antony is at delivering perfect cumshots. After the intense fucking, he withdraws his big cock and strokes it furiously inches above Justin’s face. Ready to shoot, he slows down his strokes in order to give us a super clear view of each glob of hot jizz as it spews out of his piss slit, seemingly filling up Justin’s mouth to overflowing. Definitely one of the best facials I’ve seen in a while. is a site that regularly features British twink models, and the owners seem to have a strong preference for using gay scallies. Antony and Justin are featured together in other videos and photosets, and the site uses several well-known scally twinks such as Tigger and Keyno.

15 downloadable preview clips of this episode — including the infamous cumshot — are available at this free gallery page.