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Clothed Males, Nude Maurice

Naked straight boy Maurice abused by 4 clothed males.

A bit of a departure for the amateur straight boy porn site First Auditions: they’ve added a new series called Clothed Male: Nude Male Training which features straight men stripped naked and humiliated by a bunch of mean blokes in business suits. One of the latest victims is Maurice, a hunky blond Scotsman.

First Auditions writes:

Straight ex-army man Morris has a fit Scottish body that should be displayed all the time, but he’s still under the impression that men shouldn’t be allowed access to it. Luckily he’s a mouthy little fucker because the pervy men were turned on by his sexy accent. The angrier he got about being violated by them and the more he told them to “fuck off” the hornier the guys groping and jerking him got. For an aggressive, dominant, masculine guy like Morris being roughly groped and forced to submit by other men is the worst kind of degradation. You have to see this sexy boy’s reaction when he’s forced to eat his own cum.

If the mild humiliation porn is not your cup of tea, fear not: every week the site is still adding “regular” episodes of amateur straight lads being interviewed and wanking off for the camera.

Check out a streaming video trailer of Maurice’s CMNM Training session »

RJ to Craig: Sit on My Face!

Amazing Ass Licking Action with British Boys

Even though it is not a fetish site, sometimes the duo films on Blake Mason have so much ass licking action packed into them that they rival ones found on the dedicated rimming sites!

Newcomer Craig seems to crave having his ass licked deeply, so maybe after seeing RJ’s expert tongue at work inside Neil Rush and also Jack, he chose him to be partnered up with for his first ever duo film! The movie starts with a few minutes of Craig servicing his Scottish mate’s uncut cock, before RJ whispers in his ears, “sit on my face!”. And then the raunchy fun begins!

There are some devilishly kinky positions used in the rimming scene. My favorite was RJ was lying on the bed, head hanging over the edge and Craig squats over his face and spreads his cheeks apart so that RJ’s tongue can have unrestricted access!

All of this tongue fucking makes Craig desperate for a real fucking by a nice hard cock. Craig seems lost in rapture while RJ plows into him on his back, on his side, and even while he rides RJ like a cowboy at one point! This turns him on so much he shoots cum while RJ is sliding in and out of him.

Seven out of the film’s 23 minutes show the lads rimming. You can view the profiles of Craig and RJ and download the entire full-length movie at

Scottish Twink David H

Scottish teen boy David strokes his cock in his kitchen.

Here we find a Scottish lad in the kitchen, but thankfully its not Gordon Ramsay!

Recently featured on the site, David is an attractive 19-year-old blond twink who hails from Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland. He is definitely on the slender side, standing 6’1″ tall but only weighing 127 lbs. He really seems like a sweet guy in this set always with that sexy warm smile of his. It really turned me on watching him pound on that fat piece of uncut meat! is one of the oldest twink sites, having been in operation since 1996. There really is a mountain of content on this site; you would probably need a new hard drive if you were planning on downloading all the content, thats how much there is!

Recently they’ve started using British lads and they’ve produced some videos with high production values, such as one between Lex Blond and Alexander Petrov, or another between Liam Alexander and Matt Steele. Check out the Models link on the tour for a complete list of their UK and other models.

Download two full photosets featuring David on

Neil Rush Loses His Virginity

Straight stud Neil Rush gets fucked by RJ.

Straight boy Neil Rush returns to Blake Mason after his last time around getting a blowjob from Nathan. This is a vivid example of the pleasure/pain straight boys endure when losing their virginity!

Scottish lad RJ gets Neil all horned up by massaging his body, jerking his cock, and using his mouth in all the right places. With Neil’s raging boner up in the air, RJ mounts Neil and the straight boy gets his first taste of gay ass. Hopping off Neil’s mighty cock, RJ flips him over and continues the massage, but instead of using his hands this time, he uses his expert tongue on Neil’s tight virgin hole. RJ then decides to slip his cock in to Neil’s ass and began a gentle fuck. After Neil’s initial shock and pain — which is written all over his face — his cock quickly returns to full mast loving every minute of it! And as RJ gently pumps away at the entrance to his tight tunnel, he wanks Neil’s cock until our supposedly straight lad dumps his load!

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Uninhibited Rimming and Fucking

Rimming and Hardcore scene on BlakeMason

With this hot scene between fit Jack and Scottish hunk RJ, the lads at Blake Mason once again demonstrate why they are best makers of gay british porn videos!

The key is just let the lads do what comes naturally. As you will see, using that approach with hunks who like it rough and raunchy can lead to spectacular results!

This video has it all: passionate kissing, face fucking, dirty talk,deep throaring, balls licking, biting and tit torture, vicious hard fucking, both lads spraying each other with torrents of hot cum during the fucking. Its really the most uninhibited hardcore sex I’ve seen in a long time.

As you’ve probably guessed from reading my previous posts, nothing turns me on more than a hot ass-licking scene. The one here is one of the best yet featured on Blake Mason. Just the rimming scene alone is a generous 5 minutes out of the total 25 minute video!

Hungry RJ takes his time tongue-fucking Jack’s tasty hole in different posititions. He uses plenty of spit and fingers as he rims, leading to loud moans of pleasure from Jack. When its Jack’s turn to rim, he begs his mate to sit on his face so that he can spread his ass cheeks apart and probe deep inside with his tongue.

Download the full video on Blake Mason or check out this free gallery for 6 short preview clips.

A Scottish Lad’s Solo Session

I guess it must have ben too hot to keep for Scottish lad Trevor to that thick woolen kilt on for long, so he decided to get naked and take a roll in the hay. Rolling around for an alfresco wank, shot in splatovision, it might have been a steaming August day when the guys at UK Naked Men shot this but you’re gonna need Wellington boots and a Mac raincoat for this one, it’s wet, wet, wet cumshot explosion and coming right at you. Hold tight for a delicious drenching.

Check out the UKNM site for Trevor’s full jerkoff video!