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Flatmate Gets Busted!

Brez and Jamie in After Hours Episode 24

After a hiatus of several months, After Hours is suddenly back with new updates! Hmmm… that sounds a bit like this blog :)

The premise of “Small World: Episode 24″ is Brez coming home from work early and catching his flatmate Jamie wanking away furiously to porn. Initially embarrassed, Jamie goes back to masturbating after he notices that Brez already has his hand down his jeans and is tugging at his own cock! Even when Brez releases his infamous massive uncut member, straight boy Jamie seems not to notice and instead keeps his eyes glued to the computer screen.

After stroking together, Jamie mutters half to himself, “what I wouldn’t give for some good head right now…”. That’s all the excuse Brez requires to get down on his knees and service Jamie with an expert blowjob and a little ball-licking thrown in for good measure:

Preview Video of Reece on Blake Mason

The video ends with the title and there’s more to cum…. That’s great news for us! With such high production values and hot action, we have much to look forward to…

Watch an additional 90-second trailer of Jamie and Brez »

A Visit to the Pervy Doctors

Christian on CMNM.

Apparently the response to the “clothed male: nude male” humiliation episodes on First Auditions has been so overwhelming, it has spawned a new site dealing exclusively with that fetish: Now we get even more straight young lads stripped nude, anally probed, and wanked by men clad in suits!

I chose the episode with Christian as introduction despite the fact it’s clinic setting differs from the business offices in most other episodes. The tough 18-year-old straight lad is sexy and over-confident: exactly the type who deserves to be subject to such humiliation!

Christian’s facial expressions are priceless as his medical examination starts, nothing like what he expected. The three pervy doctors do their best to make him feel uncomfortable, stroking every part of his upper body, talking about him in the third person as if he was a piece of meat! At first this treatment seems to amuse Christian and he openly laughs at them in contempt. Then the look of horror grows as he realizes whats in store for him…

The older men subject Christian to all sorts bizarre treatment. They take turns sniffing his sweaty armpits and arse crack then commenting to each other about his body odor. A doctor requests a urine sample and he holds the beaker while Christian fill it up with a pint full of his frothy piss. Then as a way of analyzing the piss, the doctor dips his finger in the warm liquid and takes a taste!

After this phase of the examination, things get painful for poor Christian. He survives the rectal thermometer, but really struggles when one doc fingers his bum deeply during the prostate exam. The are lots of cries of “Ow! Ow! Ow!” and Christian is forced to take deep breaths to get through it. And just when he thinks the worst is over, the doctors produce a butt plug which they force up his already aching hole!

By now Christian is in tears, but thankfully all that’s remaining is the extraction of a sperm sample. The doctors team together, caressing his body and stroking his fat uncut cock. It does not take long for him to shoot his pent-up load… directly into one doc’s cupped hand! That doctor has one nasty surprise left for Christian: he hand-feeds the boy his own cum!

This really is a superb 40-minute video, with good balance between kink and comedy, and a production quality far beyond what I would have expected. They use an innovative split-screen technique during Christian’s anal probing which allows us to see the expressions of agony on Kristian’s face in real-time with each thrust of the butt plug!

To see more, check out the free streaming video of the Christian on the CNMN start page.

Gorgeous Jay Hall

Jay Hall on English Lads.

What a difference a little facial hair and a bit of sunshine makes!

I have to admit, I wasn’t blown away by Jay’s first appearance on English Lads. But in this second shoot which was filmed outdoors on a beautiful summer’s day, he truly looks spectacular. That small amount of facial hair running around is face transforms him from just another amateur to a Greek god. And the sunlight seems to illuminate each and every muscle on his ripped body!

The Liverpool lad does a great job of teasing us, clad in nothing but a jockstrap that barely manages to contain his bulging cock! Although Jay’s uncut dick is only average-sized (6.5″), he makes the most of it, stretching his foreskin while he wanks. He then lays back and lets us have a looks at his lightly hairy arse-crack with its large rosebud. After stroking his cock a bit more in that same comfortable position, Jay shoots cum all over himself!

Jay’s first appearance on a gay site was actually as James Hall on Fit Young Men. Earlier this year, he did two shoots for that sports-themed site, posing with a football.

Read more about Jay and view his stats on his profile page »

Blake Mason: After Hours

Preview of Blake Mason soap opera After Hours Small World.

The After Hours series of videos represents a new approach from Blake Mason to their gay porn. What makes them different is that the videos have a plot and the models are all acting. The videos are presented as a story arc of inter-connected episodes with the same recurring characters. It sounds like a gay version of Corrie or East Enders, but packed with the kind of hardcore action we’ve come to expect from Blake Mason!

In the first series called Small World, we are introduced to the main character Luke, a closeted gay builder. He lives with his boyfriend Aarron with whom he has a healthy sexual relationship. But whenever Luke leaves their flat, his constant horniness inevitably gets him into trouble!

The first episode takes place on Luke’s building site and is filmed in the front seats of an actual van. Luke has been dying to get a look at his partner Paul’s cock, so he shares a straight porn magazine with him while the two are on break. Of course, this has the desired effect on Paul and soon both lads strip out of their uniforms and are wanking their hard cocks side by side!

Seeing these familiar models acting may not suit everyone’s tastes, but it will probably appeal to anyone who is a fan of Eurocreme-style porn. Even if you ignore the acting, the higher production values and HD-quality video makes the After Hours series worth watching. New episodes of this “soap-opera” are being released once per week, in addition to Blake Mason’s regular weekly solo and hardcore releases.

Watch previews of the first episodes of After Hours: Small World »

New Site: Fit Young Men

New British gay porn site Fit Young Men.

Spring has arrived, finally ending that unbelievably dreadful winter! Change is in the air for gay British porn as well with the introduction of a totally new site: Fit Young Men.

The site was actually launched a few weeks ago by Nick Baker, photographer for English Lads. Fit Young Men differs from EnglishLads in a couple of ways: there are no videos, and there is no gay sex. The men strip, show off their bodies, some of them get semis or full erections. But the focus of the site remains subtle erotic photography.

All of the models are athletic and muscular, there are no skinny twinks here. Some lads begin their sessions clad in sports kit, but unlike on SportLads, you wont see them having sex with each other in uniform. On the other hand, Nick claims that the models on Fit Young Men are actual athletes wearing the uniform and gear of their main sport. His aim is to show how training for their chosen sport has contributed to their muscle definition.

For me, the principal attraction of the site is that it offers over new 40 British amateurs who have never appeared on any other site. My guess is that these are straight men who objected to appearing on true gay porn such as EnglishLads, but who find the idea of modelling for something classier — and solo — more acceptable. Its much the same for some American hunks who appear on PlayGirl but nowhere else.

I did notice a handful of exceptions, models who have previously been featured on English Lads:

  • James Nichols
  • Dane Dekota
  • Hayden Harris
  • Zack Elliot
  • Ed Dee
  • Tom Walsh
  • Dan Olivier

All of the others were unfamiliar faces to me. I certainly wouldn’t mind getting to know some of them MUCH better ;)

I hope to post some samples of their nude photos here in the coming weeks. In the meantime check out the list of all 50 fresh new faces on the Fit Young Men tour.

Clothed Males, Nude Maurice

Naked straight boy Maurice abused by 4 clothed males.

A bit of a departure for the amateur straight boy porn site First Auditions: they’ve added a new series called Clothed Male: Nude Male Training which features straight men stripped naked and humiliated by a bunch of mean blokes in business suits. One of the latest victims is Maurice, a hunky blond Scotsman.

First Auditions writes:

Straight ex-army man Morris has a fit Scottish body that should be displayed all the time, but he’s still under the impression that men shouldn’t be allowed access to it. Luckily he’s a mouthy little fucker because the pervy men were turned on by his sexy accent. The angrier he got about being violated by them and the more he told them to “fuck off” the hornier the guys groping and jerking him got. For an aggressive, dominant, masculine guy like Morris being roughly groped and forced to submit by other men is the worst kind of degradation. You have to see this sexy boy’s reaction when he’s forced to eat his own cum.

If the mild humiliation porn is not your cup of tea, fear not: every week the site is still adding “regular” episodes of amateur straight lads being interviewed and wanking off for the camera.

Check out a streaming video trailer of Maurice’s CMNM Training session »

Santa Stone

Scott Stone dressed up as Santa Claus

Just in time for the holidays, English Lads Scott Stone wearing nothing but Santa Claus’ hat!

Scott is as cheeky as ever as he strips off to show his defined and muscular, slightly hairy body! When he pulls down his grey trackies and reaches into his boxers, he whips out a big piece of uncut meat, which is already semi-hard! It only takes a few strokes to for it to grow fatter and longer, a full hard-on with his foreskin just peeling back a little! Scott enjoys showing off his body, leans over and shows his hairy hole before standing up and shooting a load of cum at least 2 meters.

Download Scott Stone’s complete 28-minute holiday wanking video.

Not Ianto Jones

Naked Welsh lad Josh Ryan on

This is not the first time Josh Ryan has been featured on a gay porn site, but seeing him in a suit-and-tie on Men At Play made me instantly think of someone from the world of sci-fi: Ianto Jones! This video of him stripping nude is one for all the gay Torchwood fanboys out there!

Something which might explain the uncanny resemblance: both lads are from Wales!

The 19-year-old Josh seems to be a natural in front of the camera, even though he is new to modelling. His blue eyes and square jaw make for one stunning hunk. Once he starts to strip and whips out his fat uncut dick, I lost all thought of Torchwood or anything else for that matter. All I wanted to do is get down on my knees and and service this Welsh straight boy !

Here’s a short preview video of Josh’s strip show:

Download the complete set of photos and the full-length version of his movie “Josh Ryan: Showcase” on

Scott Stone, Leather Master

Scott Stone in Leather and Rubber on UK Naked Men

Scott Stone makes his first appearance on UK Naked Men in a video that is sure to please all the leather and rubber fetishists out there!

The 22-year-old straight builder looks smoking hot in rubber shorts and a leather harness. But once he frees his sweaty uncut cock from it’s rubber confinement, the good-natured, smiling lad gets right serious! He wanks his thick cock until he squirts a massive load right at the camera. The studio was very nearly flooded!

Here’s a short video preview of the leather-clad hunk:

Download Scott’s full-length video and photoset on UK Naked Men.

Before He Was James Nichols…

James Nichols auditions as Steve on First Auditions.

Here’s one for the James Nichols fanboys! Long before he became an English Lad, he made his debut porn video for the site First Auditions under the pseudonym “Steve”.

The premise behind First Auditions is that these are unsuspecting straight boys hoping to make a few quid working in porn. The cameras are rolling without interruption from the moment the new prospect walks into the audition room. We listen to them getting interviewed, discussing how far they are willing to go in gay porn. They they get a somewhat humiliating physical exam which, for some, includes getting anally probed with a thermometer or a thick dildo. And finally they are made to jackoff and shoot cum.

So in the case of “Steve”, its not really anything we haven’t seen him do before, showing off his uncut cock and arsehole, wanking himself to orgasm. But its still fascinating to travel back in time and see him at this early stage. He has a hot body, but definitely not as ripped as it is today. Still, in the initial interview we can see the first glimmer of star potential, that unmistakable confidence that carried him throughout the rest of his porn career.

Scott Stone’s fans will also be happy to hear that FirstAuditions has his audition video as well. On the site he appears as “John”.

Check out the First Auditions tour for a list of all their models and learn more about their 11-step audition process.