Jonathan Harvey on British Boy

A Very Stylish Geordie

Reece on Blake Mason

Stylish 19-year-old Newcastle lad Reece is a fashion student who is trying to make a few extra quid by working in gay porn. With his model good looks, he’s destined to become a fan favorite at Blake Mason!

During his interview, the openly gay bottom boy admits to getting turned on by very rough sex. Blake Mason was a smart choice for him to get his start in gay porn, as the site has no shortage of aggressive tops that will enjoy throwing him about. I cant wait to see that hairy arsehole of his get pounded by the likes of Jack, Kai, or even Matt B!

His first video is only a solo but it still very hot to see him reveal his slender body and start stroking his uncut cock. Reece produces copious amounts of pre-cum while he wanks and there are amazing closeup shots of him playing with the precious fluid:

Preview Video of Reece on Blake Mason

When he finally cums, Reece sprays a huge load of pent-up sperm all over the bedsheets! We need to encourage the lads at Blake Mason to start featuring this Geordie twink on a regular basis!

Check out Reece’s profile page for more details about him and updates on his videos.

U.K. Scally Twinks

Luckas Layton and Kristian Kerner on UK Scally Lads.

I’m excited to see one of my favorite British twinks, Luckas Layton, back for a couple more hardcore gay porn videos! On UK Scally Lads he hooks up with fellow Manchester lad Kristian Kerner for a raunchy session where Luckas gets to indulge his foot fetish!

UKScallyLads writes:

After some horny snogging and nipple play, the boys got down to some serious cock sucking. Both these lads have nice, big dicks and both loved getting down and deep throating the other. They also engaged in some hot 69-ing action.

Next Kristian lay back on the bed and let Luckas rim his ass and sniff his smelly, sweaty feet. Some serious foot worship followed for those of you into that – and I know there are many! Now Luckas is a great bottom and Kristian a fantastic top, so the fucking scenes were bound to be hot. The boys didn’t disappoint as Kristian thrust his big, thick dick inside Luckas’s hole and proceeded to fuck the hell out of him. Luckas loved it though, and seemed disappointed when I said we needed to get a cum shot! Enjoy these lads spurt their loads all over each other to conclude another hot, steamy UKSL shoot.

Lucas is also the star of the most recent UK Scally Lads update, this time having his arse slammed by scally twink Chris Edwards.

Check out the main UKSL tour for the latest video of Luckas and Chris, or watch a preview of his fuck with Kristian Kerner

Hairy Northern Lad

British lad Brez on BoyFun.

With his tempting treasure trail and furry legs, Newcastle twink Brez is a rare specimen of a very hairy twink! In his first appearance on Boy Fun Collection , the 20-year-old charms us with that sly grin while wanking his uncut dick until he shoots loads of milky cum!

Brez’s photo set is fairly typical of recent British twink porn, be it on BoyFun,, or BlakeMason. The majority of new sets being released are filmed at the same studio, always in front of the same silver venetian blinds. The photo quality is high, but the photographer does not seem all that adventurous. Anyone wanting to see an asshole close up or a cumshot at the moment of eruption, for example, will be disappointed.

Fortunately the photos are nearly always followed by a video of the same model, and those have no shortage of cumshots! And with a new photoset or video added every single day, BoyFun has a huge archive of twinks to keep you occupied. If you’re looking for photos or videos of any British twink from the past 8 years, chances are you’ll find him there!

Download Brez’s complete photoset on Boy Fun Collection »

Blond and Blonder

Blond boys Mark Lloyd and Luke Hammond on

This latest gay porn video from is a must-see for admirers of blond British boys!

Starting with a friendly wrestle on the bed, Luke Hammond and Mark Lloyd manage to turn things a lot more passionate and they kiss as they roll around. They whip out their big uncut cocks and start wanking each other before getting a bit kinkier and trying some cock-docking. Then they suck each others’ juicy cocks before the real fuckfest begins with Luke getting pounded hard by Mark.

Watch a free streaming trailer video of Mark and Luke shagging.

Jesse: Exclusive Photos

Exclusive photos of Jesse from Blake Mason.

The lads over at Blake Mason were kind enough to send me some never-before-seen photos of popular twink Jesse taken during his original audition video for the site.

Although these photos are not available in the members’ area, I know how popular Jesse is with the readers here and I’m excited to share them with you!

That first video he did was certainly memorable, seeing the blond teen wanking away on his 10-inch uncut dick. But we’ve never seen his tool this close up and with so much detail before!

To date, Jesse has only done three videos with other lads. But what a turn-on it has been to watch a straight amateur exploring — and sometimes fumbling through — his first tastes of gay sex. In case you missed his previous performances check out these galleries with downloadable movie clips:

Jesse remains on the roster at Blake Mason, so its certainly possible we may see him in action again. Lets hope its sooner rather than later, I can’t think of a better present for the holidays!

Read more about Jesse on his Blake Mason profile page.

Benji’s Dogtraining Humiliation

Twink Benji Looms treated like a dog on BoyNapped.

This week on Boynapped Dark we have an update that avoids the usual heavy pain, and instead focuses only extreme humiliation!

Buff bulldog Luke Hammond gets introduced to cute puppy Benji Looms in a dogtraining session that leads to some hot fucking and some cum soaked cock sucking. Sebastian controls both dogs with chain leads and stern commands, and while Luke is a well-trained canine, Benji is new to the game and needs some strict supervision!

This was the first time I’ve seen Benji on any gay porn site, and he really blew me away. Not just his amazingly cute looks, but how well he took to the role of a submissive puppy. Benji really seemed to get off on the humiliation of being spoken to and having to act like a puppy (including eating what looks like dog treats and drinking from a dog bowl!). Thoughout this treatment, his cock remains hard as a rock!

The ending of the 33-minute video is especially raunchy with both Luke and Sebastion dumping loads of cum on Benji’s face and even into his mouth. Still chained up, poor Benji goes back to his corner and falls asleep with all that fresh sperm drying on his face…

Watch the streaming trailer video of Benji being dogtrained.

The Look-Alikes

Twinks Luckas Layton and Kelvin Summers.

I’ve always wonderded what it would be like to have sex a look-alike, and in this set from blond lads Luckas Layton and Kelvin Summers get to find out for themselves!

I’m a fan of both Luckas and Kelvin and I was excited that finally they were paired together for a shag. Its hot to watch them blowing each others’ uncut cocks in a 69 position, and there are some great closeup shots of Kelvin sucking Luckas’ tight foreskin. The look on Luckas’ face as Kelvin rams his dick up his ass is priceless too. Both boys shoot cum although the blast from Kelvin is more explosive: a facial cumshot that lands on Luckas!

This is a good set, even though there is not a great deal of chemistry between this pair — at least not as much as we saw in previous episodes such as the one with Brent Jaymes and Sandy Jenkins. On a positive note, its an encouraging sign that has managed to maintain the update frequency of adding one new British set per week (in addition to their Euro, American, and Argentinian weekly updates). At this rate, they will soon become one of the best sources for twink porn from the UK.

You can download the 300+ photos of Lucas and Kelvin and watch more British boys trailer videos on the tour.

How Tigger Got His Nickname

Well-hung blond lad Tigger on Freshboys UK

I’ve been a fan of blond lad Tigger ever since the first time I saw him on gay porn, but until seeing these photos of him on Freshboys UK, I never knew the origins of his nickname. As you can see by the tattoo on his lower leg, his secret is out! Just one question now remains: who is Tasha? :-)

We usually see Tigger clad in a scally costume, but at the start of this wanking session, he appears without it (except the jewelry!) wearing only briefs. This cutie has such a perfect body and such pale skin! His uncut cock is truly gigantic, some of those closeup shots make it seem almost too big for a twink like him!

If you haven’t visited FreshBoys UK for a while, it might be worth a repeat visit. They have re-designed the entire site, making it much more user-friendly. The pages are now organized by date and by name, and there is even a search engine so you can see all the photos and videos associated with a particular model. You can also save your favorite models to a private list, so you can find them again rapidly when you’re hankering for a quick wank! These are all welcome changes on a site that has such a huge archive of exclusive British gay porn spanning more than 8 years.

Download two photosets featuring Tigger on

Blond Ben on LadsUK

Blond Ben on LadsuK

It’s always a treat to stumble upon a British gay porn site like Lads UK, previously unknown to me. But its even more of a delight to find a fresh new face like Ben, one of the fit lads who stands out the most on the site!

Blond amateur Ben appears in three different photosets on the site: an artistic one of him wearing Umbro trackies and wanking in front of a huge mosaic, another where he does the same in front of a white wall, and a third amazing set of him jacking off on a living room settee. In this last one, we learn that Ben is a true patriot: he’s clad in an England football shirt and England underwear!

Members of Lads UK also have access to Ben’s wanking video, filmed at the same time as his “Living Room” photoset.

Here are some juicy details about Ben:

  • Height – 5’9″
  • Hair – Blonde
  • Age – 19
  • Music – R & B
  • Food – Pizza
  • Drink – JD & Coke
  • TV – Eastenders

At the time of writing, Lads UK had 36 exclusive models, ranging from twinks to hunks. With the exception of 3 or 4 of them, these were all new faces to me, UK amateur lads I’ve never seen before on any other porn site.

Check out the Lads UK tour for more of Ben and a list of all the site’s exclusive models.

Spain vs England

Sandy Jenkins fucked by Brent Jaymes on

This update from demonstrates the best approach to filming hardcore gay porn: find two models that have a ton of chemistry towards each other and just let them go at it, uninhibited. The resulting porn will be spectacular every time!

The young lovers here are relative newcomers to gay British porn: Brent Jaymes, a Spaniard living in London, and long-haired English twink Sandy Jenkins. I suspect they may be a couple in real life judging by the little things we see them do to each other while making love. Like the way they dont seem to want to stop snogging at the outset. Like the little bites Sandy gives Brent, even nibbling on his foreskin overhang for a bit. Brent is just ever so slightly dominant with Sandy, as if they’d settled into those roles after dating each other for a while.

The photoset has some unforgettable closeups shots, especially ones of Sandy sucking on an especially veiny uncut cock. But the real treasure here is the 22-minute video which blew me away seeing Sandy suck cock and get fucked. Its hard to put into words how hypnotic it is watching him in action , so here’s a preview to let you see for yourselves:

The ending is both raunchy and unexpected. Sandy cums while getting pounded by Brent, then Brent withdraws and dumps a huge messy load of splooge on his abs. But surprisingly the action does not stop there. The sex-crazed Sandy continues sucking his partner’s still-hard cock for a full two minutes longer!

This video really is some of the hottest hardcore sex I’ve seen in gay porn this year. I think Sandy could end up becoming a major British twink pornstar if he keeps on like this!

Check out the tour page for one additional video trailer of Sandy and Brent (click the icon next to their picture).