Jonathan Harvey on British Boy

Matt Mills in Pink

Matt Mills wanking for FreshmanX

Matt Mills is the kind of man they’re talking about in the saying “Real Men Wear Pink”. That pink t-shirt and pink underwear do nothing to change the reputation of this cocky straight boy!

Matt looks as fit as ever in this 200-picture photoset from the new gay porn site Freshman X. The set shows him stripping nude on a gymnasium horse, showing off all of his new muscles. There are some great shots of him wanking that infamous uncut dick of his, definitely one of the most beautiful cocks to be found on any Brit! We get to see a little more of it in Matt’s video which has him wanking in the shower, his long cock flopping all over the place!

FreshmanX is a good site for those of you who might be weary of the emaciated teens usually found in most twink porn. The lads on FreshmanX definitely have meat on (and dangling from!) their bones. The most common definition of a twink is a model 18-21 years old. After that they move to the “college jocks” or “fratboy” category, hence the site’s university theme. Most of the featured models are university-age athletic lads who are finished being twinks but who are not yet old enough to be considered “hunks”.

Hopefully FreshmanX will continue including models from the UK to its roster. Right now there are a handful of them in their Model Index, but I can think of plenty of British models who are now in their target age range. Many of the twink models we used to see 3 or 4 years ago on various sites would work perfectly on their site.

If you’d like a little more of of Matt Mills, watch a streaming video trailer of him on page 4 of the tour

How Tigger Got His Nickname

Well-hung blond lad Tigger on Freshboys UK

I’ve been a fan of blond lad Tigger ever since the first time I saw him on gay porn, but until seeing these photos of him on Freshboys UK, I never knew the origins of his nickname. As you can see by the tattoo on his lower leg, his secret is out! Just one question now remains: who is Tasha? :-)

We usually see Tigger clad in a scally costume, but at the start of this wanking session, he appears without it (except the jewelry!) wearing only briefs. This cutie has such a perfect body and such pale skin! His uncut cock is truly gigantic, some of those closeup shots make it seem almost too big for a twink like him!

If you haven’t visited FreshBoys UK for a while, it might be worth a repeat visit. They have re-designed the entire site, making it much more user-friendly. The pages are now organized by date and by name, and there is even a search engine so you can see all the photos and videos associated with a particular model. You can also save your favorite models to a private list, so you can find them again rapidly when you’re hankering for a quick wank! These are all welcome changes on a site that has such a huge archive of exclusive British gay porn spanning more than 8 years.

Download two photosets featuring Tigger on

Scott Heads to BlakeMason

Scott Stone Wanking for BlakeMason

Scott Stone needs no introduction. He has done some legendary videos for a couple of other British gay porn sites, but I think this appearance on Blake Mason is his best work so far.

But the news is not all good. One thing we learn about Scott: he is a rather rude and arrogant bloke! I hated the attitude he gave to the cameraman intervieiwng him, and I particularly disliked his bragging about how he treats the the girls he hooks up with: “fucking them then fucking them off”, he states proudly.

Be that as it may, once Scott shuts up and strips out of his clothes, he is the epitome of a perfect hunk in his prime. Its hard to find anything wrong with this fit lad: amazing muscle definition, just the right amount of body hair in all the right places, an especially fat and veiny uncut cock, and beautiful big brown eyes that just melt you with his gaze. His only defects are what appear to be scars from knife wounds on his left arm… but I’d rather not listen him tell the story behind how he got those!

This video has an amazing cumshot ending. At the moment of truth, the cameraman gets underneath Scott’s balls and points his camera upwards towards Scott’s dick and the overhead light. The overhead illumination comes in handy when the cum starts flowing: it makes the stream seem translucent, almost like clear piss. And Scott has such a huge volume of “straight boy batter” that it goes on forever!

I’m not sure if Scott will return, but you never know. In the past, BlakeMason has managed to break in other tough straight boys and ease them into receiving a hand job or blow job from an expert. Brett comes to mind. If they were to manage a similar feat with Scott, it would probably end up being Video of the Year!

I’ve put together six downloadable preview clips of Scott’s wanking session at this free gallery page.

Blond Ben on LadsUK

Blond Ben on LadsuK

It’s always a treat to stumble upon a British gay porn site like Lads UK, previously unknown to me. But its even more of a delight to find a fresh new face like Ben, one of the fit lads who stands out the most on the site!

Blond amateur Ben appears in three different photosets on the site: an artistic one of him wearing Umbro trackies and wanking in front of a huge mosaic, another where he does the same in front of a white wall, and a third amazing set of him jacking off on a living room settee. In this last one, we learn that Ben is a true patriot: he’s clad in an England football shirt and England underwear!

Members of Lads UK also have access to Ben’s wanking video, filmed at the same time as his “Living Room” photoset.

Here are some juicy details about Ben:

  • Height – 5’9″
  • Hair – Blonde
  • Age – 19
  • Music – R & B
  • Food – Pizza
  • Drink – JD & Coke
  • TV – Eastenders

At the time of writing, Lads UK had 36 exclusive models, ranging from twinks to hunks. With the exception of 3 or 4 of them, these were all new faces to me, UK amateur lads I’ve never seen before on any other porn site.

Check out the Lads UK tour for more of Ben and a list of all the site’s exclusive models.

Luckas Layton and His Tight Foreskin

Blond British twink Luckas Layton

Luckas Layton seems to be popping up everywhere these days, but so far I haven’t been able to find a set that focuses solely on him. That’s why I got an instant boner when I came across this latest update from BoyFun Collection which features Luckas wanking his uncut cock to gay porn!

The photoset and video start with this amateur blond twink stripping out of his sexy underwear. He seems transfixed by the hardcore action on the iMac but thankfully he takes time out to show off every inch of his slender body. There are some great closeup shots of his fuckable arsehole and uncut cock, as well as some innovative underneath photos of his huge bollocks.

Like his mate Josh Hancock, Luckas also has an unusually tight foreskin — so tight that we never see the head of his penis. At the end of the video, the hot cum erupts out of his narrow foreskin opening like lava from a volcano! It makes a juicy pool on his leg.

Here’s a short preview video of Luckas:

As I’ve said before in previous articles, its remarkable how many different English twink models are available on Boy Fun. And not just solos like this one from Luckas, but they pair up many of our favorite lads together for explosive videos and photosets.

Download Luckas’ complete 250 photos and 18-minute video here.

James Nichols Golden Showers

James Nichols and Kev Adamson pissing fetish

Here’s some good news for those of you who have fantasied about seeing James Nichols pissing on another guy: in the last movie he did for English Lads you will get to see your dreams fulfilled!

This 33-minute video is James’ first for the site since last April, and for his return he chose to partner up with his mate Kev Adamson. At first the straight stud seems nervous but gradually relaxes as Kev worships his entire body — even taking time to lick his huge feet! The lads exchange handjobs and then Kev fucks James’ hole with a fat dildo while simultaneously wanking that huge uncut cock.

But the scene that has everyone talking is in the last three minutes while the lads are cleaning up in the shower.

Kev suddenly feels the urge to piss and he does it right there in the shower, much to the horror of James! James does his best to get out of way but Kev still manages to splash him with his strong stream of yellow pee. Not at all happy about this, James decides to take a piss on Kev. Kev pretends to be shocked at first but soon we see him grabbing hold of James’ pissing cock and angling it upwards so that he can feel the warmth of the golden shower on his cock and balls! Sometimes revenge is a dish best served hot!

What a beautiful sight it is to see boys as fit as this pissing… I wish there were a site PissLads along with EnglishLads!

You can view all the HD watersports action on

Luckas Layton is Boynapped

Luckas Layton receives hot wax torture

In the latest update from Boynapped we learn a dark secret about beautiful British twink Luckas Layton: he is a true painslut!

BoyNapped’s new Dark series is all about pushing boundaries of heavy pain and bondage. One way it stands apart from other fetish sites is that there is cock sucking mixed in with the extreme action. This combination is usually considered taboo for most BDSM sites.

Luckas is captured by an older sadistic pig, he is bound with duct tape and shackled to a wooden board. This cruel bloke gets his kicks by inflicting pain on his helpless victim, harshly slapping his erect cock, squeezing his tits without mercy, even doing some (hard!) gut punching. Finally he brings a flaming candle close which brings about a look of genuine fear in Luckas’ eyes…

To say that Luckas is a masochist is an understatement. The harsher the pain, the more aroused this blond twink becomes. He remains rock hard throughout the torture, even wanking wildly while the hot wax is poured all over his slender body.

Here’s a short trailer (the video size in the members’ area is about 3 times bigger than what you see here):

I love fetish porn but I must admit I found this rather extreme even for my kinky tastes. Nevertheless, I still shot my load watching it!

Why not judge for yourselves? On the tour click on BoyNapped Dark in the menu. Next to each episode are icons for previews in Windows Media or Flash format. Be prepare to view some extreme spanking, caning, tickling and much worse!

Matt Mills on

Straight young English Lad Matt Mills.

Continuing their trend of using UK models,‘s latest update features the much requested straight lad Matt Mills.

Matt has long been one of my favorite faces in British gay porn, but I’ve been disappointed that he hasnt been seen on many sites in the past few months. That’s why i got a hardon as soon as i saw he was to be featured on! Matt looks fit as ever in his 211 picture photoset. The video version shows him in bed wanking that huge uncut dick of his to porn until finally he shoots a nice load of straight boy cum on his abs. What I love about this set is that even after he cums, his dick remains huge and doesn’t shrink right away!

Here’s a small trailer to whet your appetite:

If you’d like to see more of Matt, including his amazing cumshot, download the full 20-minute video on

Jon James on Jeremy Kyle

Jon James interview and wanking video for BlakeMason.

Those of you tuning into the controversial ITV talk show Jeremy Kyle last week might have been stunned at the sight of one of Blake Mason’s most popular stars being the center of attention. It was the sexy lad from Wales, Jon James, talking about his experience as a straight man in gay porn.

As you might guess many of the audience members were hostile to Jon, but he managed to keep his cool throughout. An interesting point: although he says he has done 100 gay films, he claims he has never kissed a man without it being professionally. And true to the fashion of these trashy shows, there was a surprise: Jon asked his girlfriend to join him in having a career in straight-only porn!

This started me thinking about Jon’s work on Blake Mason and I wanted to bring you an excerpt from his audition video for the site:

Welshman Jon has done many movies for Blake Mason and has fucked many of their models from veterans like Ryan B to newcomers like Bradley. Here’s a list in chronological order, earliest to most recent:

Read much more about Jon here at his BlakeMason profile page.

Blond Danny Sullivan

Danny Sullivan on EnglishLads

In his interview on English Lads, newcomer Danny Sullivan proudly states that all of his mates at the pub know that he is auditioning for a gay porn site but none of them want to watch the resulting video. Well Danny, you never know… maybe some of them are even reading this blog!

As is often the case on English Lads, straight lad Danny seems very nervous about his first appearance on a gay porn site. This is not helped by questions from the interviewer like “how is your heartbeat?”. Fortunately, once the questions stop and he gets lost in his wanking pleasure, this 18-year-old is really a joy to behold.

Danny has only a moderately hairy chest, but his legs are covered in fur — a real treat for lovers of hairy men. Although none of the preview photos show it, his asscrack has a dense covering of dark-blond ringlets, thick to the point that his hole is hard to see. There are plenty of photos of him lifting his legs high, ass cheeks spread, and we also see him do the same in the 25-minute video.

Danny ends up shooting a nice big load of cum which flies as far north as his shoulder. After shooting his load, Danny is smiling and quite relaxed — what a change from the start of the video! He even talks about wanting to come back for another go-round.

If you’d like to see more of Danny in action, check out his preview video available on this free gallery page.