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A Scally Sniffing His Trainers

Leigh is a scally lad with a fetish for smelly trainers.

UK Scally Lads is one of the few gay sites which caters expertly to those of us with a fetish for sniffing trainers and socks. This recent update shows Leigh, a rudeboi who clearly shares our same fetish!

As soon as Leigh pulls down his Nike trackie bottoms, we notice a thick uncut cock bursting to get out of his underwear. Once he whips it out, he goes directly for the object of his affection: those Nike trainers which were still quite sweaty and smelly from his gym workout earlier in the day. He playfully rubbed his cock up and down the inside of his trainers and some pre-cum even ended up inside of them.

A few minutes of indulging in his fetish really seems to put our scally boy over the edge, and he spurts hot sperm all over his stomach and chest. I have to admit, watching Leigh turned me on so much that i couldnt resist the urge and found myself smelling my own trainers while wanking to the video!

Another update rom a few weeks ago involved his mate Alec not only sniffing and licking a pair of Reebok Classic trainers, but going further and fucking those sneakers with his big powertool!

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Stevie the Emo Teen

Stevie the Emo Teen

Freshboys UK might just have some of the hottest British twink models on any site. Emo teen Stevie is a perfect example of the fit amateur teens Freshboys has to offer!

This pierced 18-year-old from East Midlands strips out of his Emo clothes giving us an unobstructed view of his slim and smooth body. Stevie is horny so he wanks that uncut cock furiously and there are tempting closeup shots of his uncut dick throughout, and even a suprising number showing his large teen feet. A delight indeed for foot lovers!

Freshboys members get access to the full video version of Stevie wanking, as well as another video and photoset filmed at his own flat. In the latter one, Stevie shoots his sperm all over himself after another intense masturbation session!

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How a Dirty Boy Gets Clean!

Craig Edwards from English Lads

At the time of this writing, boasts an amazing 262 different amateur models on the site. Craig Edwards is my personal favorite out of all of them.

I love his face, I love his bedroom eyes. He has the most perfect set of hairy legs I’ve seen, and and a totally unshaven arse that I would love to rim for an hour! He has the appearance of a fashion model, yet seems very soft spoken and down-to-earth when you hear him talk in his videos.

In this set we are treated to the sight of two Craigs as he strips out of his clothes in front of a mirror. Craig shows off his untrimmed body and pulls back his foreskin starting the inevitable of blood flowing in and his cock! He hops into the bath and its not long before he swaps his sponge for his cock and is gently wanking away in the warm water! He stands up for a bit and spreads his hairy straight boy ass, all of those wet ringlets are shown in exquisite detail. There are also some tantalizing shots of Craig’s large feet as he scrubs them clean.

Craig then sits down on the edge of the bath and shoots his cum all over his very hairy abs and slips back in the bath to wash it all off.

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If you havent been to English Lads for a while, its worth another look as it underwent a redesign this week.