Jonathan Harvey on British Boy

The Beckhamization of Hayden

English Lads Hayden now looks like Dave Beckham

When I first saw Hayden’s new look on English Lads, I was worried that he might have gone and joined the military. But upon closer inspection of his dog tags, I realized that my fears were unwarranted. That is, unless Armani Exchange is raising its own private army!

Compared with his first shoot in trackies a few weeks ago, Hayden’s latest shows him with shaved blond hair and a five o’clock shadow. He seems to be taking Dave Beckham seriously as a fashion role model. The results are pretty impressive on Hayden.

The Liverpudlian PT starts the video by demonstrating his typical workout routine. After a couple minutes of sit ups and push ups, Hayden heads over to a massage table where Kev Adamson eagerly awaits him. Kev rubs down every inch of his athletic body, paying special attention to his feet. Eventually the Armani underwear (Beckham again?) come off and Kev works his magic on Hayden’s uncut dick, making it stand at full attention in no time. There are some great closeup views of Hayden’s extra-hairy hole as Kev rubs it with his finger (but does not finger-fuck it).

Hayden has a wank while showing off all of his muscles, then the straight boy agrees to let Kev give him a full handjob until he shoots his load. So its a massage with a happy ending!

There are close to 900 high-resolution photos of Hayden available in his two shoots on English Lads. The trailer videos of him are no longer on the tour, but you can view them on these gallery pages:

Kickboxer Keni Styles

Keni on UK Naked Men

The lads at UK Naked Men seem to be very persuasive when it comes to reluctant straight men. Beautiful Keni Styles is a good example, this is the one and only shoot he’s ever done for a gay porn site!

The stunning tattooed Asian hunk was born in Thailand but spent most of his adult life in London. Although he might not be familiar to us gay men, he has a strong following in straight porn, even having won some major awards in the past. And if that wasn’t enough, when he’s not off shagging his pornstar girlfriends, he somehow finds the time to be a champion kickboxer as well!

The UKNM photographer does an amazing job showcasing Keni’s glistening taut body, and there are some amazing closeup photos of his dark uncut meat as well. I don’t know if he’ll ever go fully “gay-for-pay” but I for one would love to see a hot action set of Keni with another of the many hotties in the UK Naked Men stables!

Download Keni’s full photoset on

Blond Brett in Football Kit

Blond Football jock Brett on SportLads

Its barely been 4 days since the final game of the UEFA 2008 tournament and already I’m suffering from severe withdrawl pains! I developed an addiction after three weeks of watching sweaty jocks such as Arsenal midfielder F├ábregas and of course Liverpool’s own Fernando Torres who ended up scoring the biggest goal of his career. In the final game, those two hotties lookes as good as they played!

For those of you also suffering from football withdrawal, here are some juicy photos that should alleviate your symptoms. Its fit blond lad Brett from Sportlads having a wank in the football kit of his favorite team: Brazil. This straight young stud looks very tempting in that blue soccer uniform and the full photoset has great shots of him teasing us with that perfect arse and long uncut cock as well.

Judging by their latest updates, the guys at SportLads certainly know to cater to gay football fans. The last update featured was skinhead Josh sucking a player in a Newcastle uniform, and prior to that there was an amazing solo video by Damien wearing Wales kit.

Have a look at the tour for more free photos from those updates and check out all the other footballers videos available to members!

Johnny B: Post-Match

Johnny B in Rugby Kit and Business Suit

I’m fast becoming a big fan of hunky Johnny B so imagine my thrill when I came across this set from Men at Play of my favorite jock in dirty sports kit!

Johnny is quite fitlthy and sweaty after his rugby match, even his face is muddy. He strips out of that messy sports uniform and sweaty socks revealing strikingly a perfect muscled nude body and a thick uncut sausage. The photographer spies on naked Johnny as he dons a crisp clean business suit and tie. But Johnny has a big problem: he still has a throbbing boner which he is unable to stuff into his trousers! Will he take care of it right there and then in the locker room? is a must-see site for those of us with workplace fantasies. Especially if you’re into hunky British men that could easily be featured on the covers of mens’ fashion magazines. The photos are spectacular and the videos all have cleverly constructed plot-lines and some decent acting too! Its not just a couple of lads jumping into a bed for uninspired fucking and sucking. The site also has videos of first auditions of models including Johnny B and other Brit lads you will recognize right away.

Check out the Men at Play tour for free high-quality preview videos of their recent hardcore scenes!

Rugby Kit Fetish Dream Boy


Johnny B is the real deal: a professional rugby player who the guys at SportLads were lucky enough to convince to show his stuff on cam. Johnny seems quite at ease stripping out of his sweaty sports kit and revealing his perfect nude body. Maybe he’s used to getting naked in the locker room with his teammates!

Johnny is a true giant standing 6’3″ with a 44″ chest. This straight stud has the most perfect bubble butt I’ve ever seen, especially when framed by that sweaty jockstrap and cup. And oh what I wouldnt give to sniff those dirty socks and cleats after the big game!

Sport Lads is the biggest gay sports fetish site anwyhere, and its packed with treats for Rugby Kit fetishists. Check out the Rugby Stories section for fascinating true tales by members, many of whom play rubgy themselves. Reading about what they’ve experienced will turn you on!

And of course members of the site will also get to see what exactly Johnny B is hiding behind that jockstrap cup!

Blond Cricket Batsman


If you’re turned on by fit lads in sports kit, you will love this set featuring Scott Yates on We get to watch this blond hottie, playing with his big bat, and stripping out his sweaty jockstrap and cup.

Scott is just one of many hot athletic types to be found on SportLads. If you’re looking for soccer kit, rugby, swimwear, speedos, lycra, or other sports gear its really worth checking out the more than 4000 photos and videos available for members only.

As an added bonus, the site features many popular gay amateur British porn models before they were “discovered” by some of the other big sites. Take a visit to the tour for more free gay photos and see for yourselves!