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Initiating a Rookie Rugby Player

British footballers initiating a rookie

Judging by the embroidery on Matt Hughes jersey, it looks the Rugby Football League has added a new team: UKNM!

This feature video from those creative lads at UK Naked Men involves a rugby club intiation. After a big match, Matt (still in dirty rugby kit!) and Tyson decide to initiate rookie Stefan Colby who has just scored the winning goal. According to club rules, any rookie “man of the match” has to go through the intiation ritual. Stefan sits on the locker bench, eyes closed, hands outstretched. Matt and Tyson then suprise him by drop their throbbing boners into his unsuspecting hands!

Both Matt and Tyson have beautiful veiny uncut members, and Stefan services them expertly until the jocks reward him by showering him from cock to forehead with continuous streams of their fresh cum. Talk about team bonding!

Here’s a brief preview:

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Matt Steele and Liam Alexander

British teen boys Matt Steele and Liam Alexander fuck.

A few days ago I told you about a remarkable site which has begun featuring several gay UK models on a regular basis. Today I bring you a preview of one of their hardcore action videos starting British twinks Matt Steele and Liam Alexander.

Uncut lads Liam (blond) and Matt (brunette) are both versatile performers who never shy away from a good fuck. They appear on two updates on A photoset of 220 pictures showing Liam fucking Matt’s tight arsehole, and a flip-flop fucking video 18 minutes in length, where they take turns plowing each other.

Here’s a tiny video preview of some of their foreplay (before the really good stuff begins!):

To find out more about these horny fuckers, check out their individual profiles on the Models page of the tour.

Matt Hughes and the Fleshlight

Trying to stuff a foot-long cock into a fleshlight.

Matt Hughes seems to be hanging out at the UK Naked Men studios quite a bit these days. On his last visit, the lads gave him a fleshlight and wanted to see if his foot long cock would even fit inside of it!

The video starts with an interview where a cheeky Matt tells us a bit more about himself while wanking at the same time. We discover a few interesting tidbits about him. For example, did you know that he is into very rough sex and being dominant? You can almost see his big dick visibly growing as he describes his secret fetish.

And then the fun begins! Matt notices the fleshlight and decides to give it a try. It was an extemelmly tight fit around his uncut cock, but that seemed to turn him on even more. After giving the sex toy a pretty intense workout, the sensations were just too much for Matt and his explosive cumshot hits him squarely in the face!

Here’s a brief preview video (presented at far smaller size and lesser quality than the full version on UKNM):

You download all Matt’s photos and view the complete video on the tour. And while you’re there check out the recent update with another familiar Brit lad, hairy Kyle Lucas!

Four-way Cottaging in a Public Loo

Four-way orgy on UK Naked Men

Could this be the hottest update ever to appear on UK Naked Men?

Entiltled 4 A Good Time, this video is set in a old grotty “cottage” and is a throw-back to the days of cruising public loos and wanton, uninhibited gay group sex. The raunchy action in it is definitely not for the faint-hearted!

This latest video showcases the commitment of UKNakedMen to using as diverse a group of British men in their videos as possible. We have horse-hung junior executive Matt Hughes (appearing in his first ever video for the site), hunky builder Darren Robbins, and angel-faced twink Andy O’Neil. The big surprise for me was the inclusion of tough Essex lad Tyson, currently my favorite of all the UKNM models. I had no idea they were planning to use him in a hardcore scene!

The action in 4 A Good Time builds in intensity, starting out with Tyson having a wank at the urinal, then leading to a two-way, threesome, and finally a four-way when the unsupecting Matt walks in on the orgy already in progress. The ending is unforgettable with Andy receiving a torrent of hot wet cumshot facial after facial from his three pent-up mates.

Four downloadable preview clips are available at this gallery page or you can view the flash version online .

Horse-Hung Lad in a Suit

Horse hung Matt H in a Suit

UK Naked Men is mostly associated with gay lads, not straight boys, so it was quite a suprise to see last week they had a shoot with amateur porn superstar Matt. Who would have guessed our blond lad could look so dashing in a suit?

These are arguably some of the best closeup photos of Matt’s monster organ to appear on any gay British porn website. Which is saying a lot because Matt certainly gets around! The photographer here captures every vein and every hair follicle on the shaft of his truly massive cock in exquisite detail. There are great shots of his balls and asshole as well.

Uncut cock fetish fans will probably shoot their loads watching him stick his finger inside his foreskin overhang and stretch it long while he wanks. Very kinky indeed! Lets hope the lads at UK Naked Men hook him up soon with another uncut stud, then maybe we will see some hot gay docking action!

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Four Lads in a Bed!

4 Gay Lads in a Bed

A treat from for fans of steamy all-male group sex!

The four lucky lads in question are all familar faces: David Robinson, Anthony Clarke, Matt Brooks, and Jake Cooper.

The hardcore orgy starts off with a lot of great shots of these horny lads cocksucking stiff uncut rods. Mutual handjobs follow which only seem to turn the lads on more. Soon they are bursting to slam their big poles into a tight arsehole and Anthony is eager to oblige! One after the other, our straight fuckers take turns gang banging Anthony’s instatiable hole. The scene ends with bukkake… Anthony gets absolutely drenched in a torrent of his mates’ hot cum.

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Foot-Long Cock on a Yacht

BlakeMason Cabin Boy Matt H

After a long winter, finally a new boating video from BlakeMason! This time featuring superstar Matt H!

What I love about Matt is how charming he is and this is apparent listening to his opening chat with the cameraman. He seems so down to earth, who would guess he is concealing a “dick of death” in those pants?

In this video Matt is allowed to move around freely on the yacht, pounding furiously on his dick wherever he goes. The cameraman manages some stunning shots of his 12-inch uncut pole standing straight up, set against the deep blue background of the ocean. Matt seems lost in a trance during this 22-minute video.

When he finally climaxes, he gushes quite a bit of cum which is filmed from two different angles. I think the best view is where you see the jizz shooting out in front of the red ensign. Our blond lad looks a tad sunburned at the end, but it was definitely worth it!

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12 Inch Matt


Introducing Matt H from BlakeMason, a 19 year old straight blond and fit lad who works as a surveyor. He is the definition of young, hung, and full of cum… especially the HUNG part of that! Matt H truly is a sight to behold regardless of whether his massive uncut schlong is either soft or hard. But it’s his great personality that shines through on camera that makes that enormous 11½ inch cock all the better!

Matt’s profile on the Blake Mason site has a listing of all the hardcore and solo videos he’s starred in, as well as a couple of gay video trailers starring him that you can watch for free!

Big Cock Cumshot Facial

Nathan, the newbie who recently jerked off in the stairway at BlakeMason, is back. Straight boy Matt makes his return with his nice 12 inch uncut cock as well. They begin with some hot body and cock worship as the guys suck each other to full hardness. Amazingly, Nathan seems to be able to handle Matt’s 12 inches and seems to enjoy it inch by inch. Nathan, being the nice bottom that he is, took Matt’s cock like a real man, enjoying every stroke. You know Nathan is a true bottom when he shoots his load while Matt is deep inside him. Actually, he is a very demanding bottom as he insisted on having Matt give him a facial. What a fucking facial it was! Do all guys with 12 inch cocks shoot this hard?