Jonathan Harvey on British Boy

RJ to Craig: Sit on My Face!

Amazing Ass Licking Action with British Boys

Even though it is not a fetish site, sometimes the duo films on Blake Mason have so much ass licking action packed into them that they rival ones found on the dedicated rimming sites!

Newcomer Craig seems to crave having his ass licked deeply, so maybe after seeing RJ’s expert tongue at work inside Neil Rush and also Jack, he chose him to be partnered up with for his first ever duo film! The movie starts with a few minutes of Craig servicing his Scottish mate’s uncut cock, before RJ whispers in his ears, “sit on my face!”. And then the raunchy fun begins!

There are some devilishly kinky positions used in the rimming scene. My favorite was RJ was lying on the bed, head hanging over the edge and Craig squats over his face and spreads his cheeks apart so that RJ’s tongue can have unrestricted access!

All of this tongue fucking makes Craig desperate for a real fucking by a nice hard cock. Craig seems lost in rapture while RJ plows into him on his back, on his side, and even while he rides RJ like a cowboy at one point! This turns him on so much he shoots cum while RJ is sliding in and out of him.

Seven out of the film’s 23 minutes show the lads rimming. You can view the profiles of Craig and RJ and download the entire full-length movie at

Piss Drinking and Watersports

Gay Watersports on FetishLad

Here’s a hot video from FetishLad for those of you who are bored with plain vanilla sex!

Filmed at the toilet of the Eagle, London’s famous leather bar, this gay watersports video features 24-year-old Leon Hardie getting into some very dirty action. He sits himself down on the bathroom floor between two urinals, slips his 7.5 inch uncut cock out of his jockstrap and takes a long piss all over his perfect abs.

While he’s having his solo piss wank, he is interrupted by other lads needing to take a slash who find him laying on the WC floor. Instead of wasting their piss in the urinal, these lads give him golden showers instead! Totally drenched by these pissing boys, Leon shoots a big load of cum from his soaked dick.

Check out this short trailer video which will give you a taste for Leon’s watersports action:

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UK Twinks in a Rimming Orgy


Boy Fun Collection is a site that renowned for its hot UK twinks and teen models, but never before have I seen so many in one single photo shoot!

In this episode, Leo is brought blindfolded into a room and made to suck the throbbing boners of 4 dominant twinks. They then spread their butt cheeks and make Leo toungue each one of their raunchy rosebuds. The twink rimming action continues when they make Leo lie on a table and they all take turns licking deep inside his tight ass.

The action gets much more hardcore than that, you can check out the site for the remaining photos and the hardcore twink video version too!