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Jesse: Exclusive Photos

Exclusive photos of Jesse from Blake Mason.

The lads over at Blake Mason were kind enough to send me some never-before-seen photos of popular twink Jesse taken during his original audition video for the site.

Although these photos are not available in the members’ area, I know how popular Jesse is with the readers here and I’m excited to share them with you!

That first video he did was certainly memorable, seeing the blond teen wanking away on his 10-inch uncut dick. But we’ve never seen his tool this close up and with so much detail before!

To date, Jesse has only done three videos with other lads. But what a turn-on it has been to watch a straight amateur exploring — and sometimes fumbling through — his first tastes of gay sex. In case you missed his previous performances check out these galleries with downloadable movie clips:

Jesse remains on the roster at Blake Mason, so its certainly possible we may see him in action again. Lets hope its sooner rather than later, I can’t think of a better present for the holidays!

Read more about Jesse on his Blake Mason profile page.

4-Way for the 400th Video

Groupsex with Jack Robbie Matt B and Tony.

Blake Mason reached a major milestone this week, releasing their 400th video. And what better way to celebrate that than with a 4-man orgy between Jack, Matt, Robbie and Tony!

The mammoth video runs over 32 minutes and the download size was about one gigabyte for the true HD (“Super Res”) version. For those of you without unlimited bandwidth plans, don’t worry you can get it in smaller sizes ranging from 960×540 (“Hi Res”) all the way down to MP4 format for your iPod and iPhone.

Even though there are 4 performers here its Jack and Matt Brooks who are the real standouts. Like two bulldogs struggling to become the alpha, each one attempts to outdo each other in raunchy acts! Jack sneaks in a surprising amount of foot licking throughout the video, and Matt tries to take it one step further by performing a foot job at one point on Jack: “fucking” his closed together feet with his hard cock. Tony tries his best to keep up with those two, and is happy to volunteer to be the first one to get fucked. A group sex scene is maybe not the ideal setting for the somewhat gentle and timid Robbie, but he is still as breathtaking as ever to watch.

This group sex video has a bukake ending, lucky Tony getting splattered in the spunk of the three other lads.

After watching this, I’m sure everyone will be wishing for a rematch between Jack and Matt B, this time just the two sex pigs alone in uninhibited raunchy action!

Once again, BlakeMason has proven that they are the masters of amateur porn videos, no other British site really comes close. Here’s hoping for another 400 more!

Download the full-length 4-man orgy video here.

Jesse’s First Ever Fuck

Young straight lad Jesse fucks his first gay ass.

Watching this latest update featuring Blake Mason‘s fit young superstar Jesse, two things came to mind: 1) he really is a straight boy, and 2) he has never fucked anyone before. What a turn on it is to witness his introduction to gay anal sex!

Jesse asked to be paired up with Robbie, and these two stylish lads make quite the pair! A few weeks ago, we saw Jesse meet Robbie for the first time when they filmed a rather bizzare video which featured them placing their hard cocks into plaster moulds in order to make lifelike dildo models of their penises!

Thankfully with this go-round, its back to good old-fashioned straight boy sex! Intiially Jesse seems not quite comfortable with the initial kissing of Robbie but he soon gets into it, especially after Robbie deep throats his veiny, uncut, 9 1/2 inch monster cock. We also get to see Jesse take his first ever hesitant licks of another guys cock. After more mutual oral sex, Robbie asks Jesse how he likes to fuck, but Jesse seems totally clueless about what different positions are available! Robbie ends up teaching him three of them: letting Jesse fuck him on top, on his back, and doggie style.

Interestingly, my favorite part of this 30-minute video came from Robbie, not Jesse. Getting fucked doggie style whilst simulatenously stroking his cock, Robbie ends up shooting a long ribbon of cum that spans the entire length of the bed! Yet another amazing cumshot from one of my favorite British porn models. Robbie has turned up on other sites recently but in my opinion no one is able to handle him as well as Blake Mason.

Six short preview video clips of Jesse sliding into Robbie are available for you to download at this free gallery page.

Flip-Flop Fuck and Ass-To-Mouth!

Blake Mason studs Kai and Robbie

When I first heard about Kai and Robbie hooking up on Blake Mason, I thought it might be an unusual pairing since I tend to think of both of these lads as bottom sluts. But I was pleasantly suprised with this episode! The chemistry between the two is very intense and uninhibited. There is even a raunchy treat in this episode for lovers of ass-to mouth action!

At the start, the boys take their time performing mutual blowjobs, licking up and down each others’ uncut love pumps. The lads get into a 69-position and Kai almost chokes several times while deep-throating Robbie, with Robbie’s big bollocks pressed up against his nose.

These versatile lads then take turns pounding each other with their big cocks. First Kai getting it from Robbie, and then the tables are turned and Kai pounds Robbie mercilessly. The expressions of pleasure/pain on Robbie’s cute face are hot to watch!

Kai finally pulls out of Robbie’s hole and sprays his abs with a thick load of creamy cum. The sight of this puts Robbie over the edge and soon his own cum is added to Kai’s deposit!

My favorite scene was watching Kai perform ass-to-mouth after getting fucked by Robbie. Its the kind of unihibited fun two horny lads will naturally do in private, but which is hard to find on porn sites. I’m certainly glad Blake Mason chose to include it!

A gallery with 5 free downloadable clips of Kai and Robbie’s session is available here.

Northern Lad Robbie

Northern Lad Robbie from BlakeMason

Robbie is a 19-year-old bi-sexual lad from Sheffield who works as a stylist. He does quite alot of swimming and exercise, as one can easily see looking over his tall (6’2″) and toned body. This fit lad simply oozes sex appeal, and if he passed us on the street, I’m sure all of us would look back at him and sneak a second peek!

Robbie may have recently appeared on another site, but his best work by far is on Blake Mason. He genuinely looks as though he is having fun in his many hardcore action sets with the likes of Bradley, Jack, and Tristan. Wouldnt it be grand to see him paired with Matt H as well?

In this solo set, Robbie seems more intent on putting on a good show for his viewers, than on simply pleasuring himself. During his wank, we are treated to many closeups of his 8-inch monster cock, especially his tasty-looking foreskin. At the end of this 21 minute video, he certainly looks worn out when he shoots his juicy load of cum!

View a free hardcore video of Robbie and Nathan here.

Romantic Interracial Hardcore Lads


Nathan has a gorgeous smile, perfect body, lick-able skin and big uncut meat! Robbie, he’s just hot and has a sex drive that just doesn’t stop. Nathan, an experienced top, and Robbie, and eager bottom, are just a perfect match. Cuddled up on the bed, the action begins with some real smoochy kissing before they release each others cocks from their jeans and start feasting! And how hungry were these two horny guys for cock… anyone would think there was a famine! Nathan slowly plunged his big, thick uncut dick deep in to Robbie’s tight but willing hole. Soon he’s giving Robbie the fuck of his life -and Robbie makes that real clear – as the pace quickens and the passion intensifies. And wow, talk about cum flying everywhere when Robbie can hold out no longer ;-)

Big Cock Cumshot Facial

Nathan, the newbie who recently jerked off in the stairway at BlakeMason, is back. Straight boy Matt makes his return with his nice 12 inch uncut cock as well. They begin with some hot body and cock worship as the guys suck each other to full hardness. Amazingly, Nathan seems to be able to handle Matt’s 12 inches and seems to enjoy it inch by inch. Nathan, being the nice bottom that he is, took Matt’s cock like a real man, enjoying every stroke. You know Nathan is a true bottom when he shoots his load while Matt is deep inside him. Actually, he is a very demanding bottom as he insisted on having Matt give him a facial. What a fucking facial it was! Do all guys with 12 inch cocks shoot this hard?