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Liam Takes a Shower at Home

Liam takes a shower on

If i was stranded on a desert island with only one English twink, I’d definitely want it to be sweet Liam from HM Boys! I regularly wank to his photos and videos and I’m always thrilled to find any new updates featuring him!

Liam’s latest update — including a 19-minute video and almost 100 photos — was filmed at his own flat. You can tell by his DVD collection that he must be a huge science-fiction fan (yet another reason to fall in love with this lad!).

After stripping out of his underwear, Liam takes a steamy shower then towels dry his slender body. He is very aroused throughout, his throbbing teen boner standing at full attention. For a little guy he truly has an enormous cock! His wanking photos offer some of the best closeups of Liam’s foreskin and dick that I’ve seen. Also memorable are the clear shots of that pink arsehole of his which he seems eager to show off!

If you’d like to learn more about him and see more free photos, check out the short interview with Liam on

Piss Drinking and Watersports

Gay Watersports on FetishLad

Here’s a hot video from FetishLad for those of you who are bored with plain vanilla sex!

Filmed at the toilet of the Eagle, London’s famous leather bar, this gay watersports video features 24-year-old Leon Hardie getting into some very dirty action. He sits himself down on the bathroom floor between two urinals, slips his 7.5 inch uncut cock out of his jockstrap and takes a long piss all over his perfect abs.

While he’s having his solo piss wank, he is interrupted by other lads needing to take a slash who find him laying on the WC floor. Instead of wasting their piss in the urinal, these lads give him golden showers instead! Totally drenched by these pissing boys, Leon shoots a big load of cum from his soaked dick.

Check out this short trailer video which will give you a taste for Leon’s watersports action:

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Foot-Long Cock on a Yacht

BlakeMason Cabin Boy Matt H

After a long winter, finally a new boating video from BlakeMason! This time featuring superstar Matt H!

What I love about Matt is how charming he is and this is apparent listening to his opening chat with the cameraman. He seems so down to earth, who would guess he is concealing a “dick of death” in those pants?

In this video Matt is allowed to move around freely on the yacht, pounding furiously on his dick wherever he goes. The cameraman manages some stunning shots of his 12-inch uncut pole standing straight up, set against the deep blue background of the ocean. Matt seems lost in a trance during this 22-minute video.

When he finally climaxes, he gushes quite a bit of cum which is filmed from two different angles. I think the best view is where you see the jizz shooting out in front of the red ensign. Our blond lad looks a tad sunburned at the end, but it was definitely worth it!

Click here for 6 free downloadable videos of Matt’s ocean wanking!

How a Dirty Boy Gets Clean!

Craig Edwards from English Lads

At the time of this writing, boasts an amazing 262 different amateur models on the site. Craig Edwards is my personal favorite out of all of them.

I love his face, I love his bedroom eyes. He has the most perfect set of hairy legs I’ve seen, and and a totally unshaven arse that I would love to rim for an hour! He has the appearance of a fashion model, yet seems very soft spoken and down-to-earth when you hear him talk in his videos.

In this set we are treated to the sight of two Craigs as he strips out of his clothes in front of a mirror. Craig shows off his untrimmed body and pulls back his foreskin starting the inevitable of blood flowing in and his cock! He hops into the bath and its not long before he swaps his sponge for his cock and is gently wanking away in the warm water! He stands up for a bit and spreads his hairy straight boy ass, all of those wet ringlets are shown in exquisite detail. There are also some tantalizing shots of Craig’s large feet as he scrubs them clean.

Craig then sits down on the edge of the bath and shoots his cum all over his very hairy abs and slips back in the bath to wash it all off.

Download Craig’s three videos totalling 90 minutes here.

If you havent been to English Lads for a while, its worth another look as it underwent a redesign this week.