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Spain vs England

Sandy Jenkins fucked by Brent Jaymes on

This update from demonstrates the best approach to filming hardcore gay porn: find two models that have a ton of chemistry towards each other and just let them go at it, uninhibited. The resulting porn will be spectacular every time!

The young lovers here are relative newcomers to gay British porn: Brent Jaymes, a Spaniard living in London, and long-haired English twink Sandy Jenkins. I suspect they may be a couple in real life judging by the little things we see them do to each other while making love. Like the way they dont seem to want to stop snogging at the outset. Like the little bites Sandy gives Brent, even nibbling on his foreskin overhang for a bit. Brent is just ever so slightly dominant with Sandy, as if they’d settled into those roles after dating each other for a while.

The photoset has some unforgettable closeups shots, especially ones of Sandy sucking on an especially veiny uncut cock. But the real treasure here is the 22-minute video which blew me away seeing Sandy suck cock and get fucked. Its hard to put into words how hypnotic it is watching him in action , so here’s a preview to let you see for yourselves:

The ending is both raunchy and unexpected. Sandy cums while getting pounded by Brent, then Brent withdraws and dumps a huge messy load of splooge on his abs. But surprisingly the action does not stop there. The sex-crazed Sandy continues sucking his partner’s still-hard cock for a full two minutes longer!

This video really is some of the hottest hardcore sex I’ve seen in gay porn this year. I think Sandy could end up becoming a major British twink pornstar if he keeps on like this!

Check out the tour page for one additional video trailer of Sandy and Brent (click the icon next to their picture).

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