Jonathan Harvey on British Boy

Something for the Weekend, Sir?

Justin Harris and Edward Fox on UK Naked Men.

UKNM’s Edward Fox slips in to his local barber shop for a quick trim and gets a whole lot more. He’s liking the feel of barber Justin Harris’ hands on his head and as Justin leans in and his crotch presses against Edward’s hand, it’s clear he’s enjoying it too…

Its hard to believe an angelic-faced guy as Justin is such a cock hound! He greedily slurps Edward’s fat monster cock then sticks his tongue under the foreskin and pulls it back to reveal the sheen of the purple head. He’s making a meal of it – but we all know where he really wants it!

Edward slides the beast right up into the barbers guts and stuffs him again and again, before shooting a fountain of cum and then Justin convulses as he squirts over Edward!

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