Jonathan Harvey on British Boy

Matt Hughes and the Fleshlight

Trying to stuff a foot-long cock into a fleshlight.

Matt Hughes seems to be hanging out at the UK Naked Men studios quite a bit these days. On his last visit, the lads gave him a fleshlight and wanted to see if his foot long cock would even fit inside of it!

The video starts with an interview where a cheeky Matt tells us a bit more about himself while wanking at the same time. We discover a few interesting tidbits about him. For example, did you know that he is into very rough sex and being dominant? You can almost see his big dick visibly growing as he describes his secret fetish.

And then the fun begins! Matt notices the fleshlight and decides to give it a try. It was an extemelmly tight fit around his uncut cock, but that seemed to turn him on even more. After giving the sex toy a pretty intense workout, the sensations were just too much for Matt and his explosive cumshot hits him squarely in the face!

Here’s a brief preview video (presented at far smaller size and lesser quality than the full version on UKNM):

You download all Matt’s photos and view the complete video on the tour. And while you’re there check out the recent update with another familiar Brit lad, hairy Kyle Lucas!

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